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Apple UNIX (A/UX)

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Also known as A/UX.


The later versions of A/UX require a 68030 or 68040 based Macintosh with an FPU and PMMU, and it will not run on AV models or LC models. Version 3.1.1 of A/UX was specifically designed to run on the Quadra 900 series, and version 3.0.1 is recommended for any other Mac model. The following Macintosh models should work with A/UX:

NOTE: Certain 68040 systems from this list may require the use of a system enabler both in the install boot media and in the initial Mac boot partition after A/UX has been installed.

Other models including those in the Macintosh II line should also work assuming an FPU is present. Likewise if you take a Centris model and switch out the 68LC040 chip with a full FPU version, it should work just like a Quadra.


Cannot mount "/dev/dsk/c100d0s0" - Invalid argument.

Encountered this error during the A/UX 3.0 installer process when it attempted to read its software package list. The system had an 8GB SCSI2SD with A/UX slices pre-partitioned from before the installer launched. Deleting these partitions leaving only the Mac driver bit at the start of the drive and reloading the installer fixed this issue.