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Archie is an information system. It offers an electronic directory service for locating information in the international TCP/IP network (the Internet).

The best known use of archie is for scanning a database of the contents of more than 1000 anonymous FTP sites around the world. Currently, this database contains more than 2,100,000 file names from anonymous FTP sites. This database is known as the archie database.

The files made available at anonymous FTP sites are software packages for various systems (Windows, MS-DOS, Macintosh, Unix, etc.), utilities, information or documentation files, mailing list or Usenet group discussion archives. At most FTP sites, the resources are organized hierarchically in directories and subdirectories. The database tracks both the directory path and the file names.

The archie database is automatically updated, thereby ensuring that the information is accurate. Using this database, users can easily find the the location of files they need without logging onto several machines.