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Acronym for BYTE Information Exchange. This online commercial information service is now owned by General Videotext Corporation, but was previously the online arm of BYTE magazine.

BIX is among the oldest of the commercial online services and has a direct connection to the Internet . This makes it easier to send and receive Internet email than from other services. You can FTP files from Internet host s, telnet into BIX from the Internet, and read Usenet news with the popular UNIX nn Newsreader.

The Internet discussion areas on BIX provide an excellent place to talk about exploring the Internet. Instead of storing the file on the BIX host machine and requiring an extra step to download it, BIX has set it up so that files are automatically dumped to your Mac via ZMODEM or whatever transfer protocol you normally use to download files from BIX. Queueing up files and then downloading them when you’re done can be more efficient than sitting through each successive download, especially if the modem is slow. To send email to someone on the Internet, you type the Internet email address instead of the BIX username. Sending mail to BIX is equally easy. Simply append to the end of the BIX username and send it.

To get an account on BIX, have your modem dial 800-695-4882 or 617-491-5410 (use 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, full duplex). Press Return a few times until you see the Login: (enter “bix”) prompt, and then type bix. At the Name? prompt, type If you prefer, you can also telnet to BIX to sign up.

BIX has relatively high rates, but there is a special price for frequent users.