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Boca 112K DynamicDuo

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Surf the Web and Download Files Faster than Ever Before!

Boca's special edition of MidCore Software's MidPoint Teamer&#153; takes advantage of the DynamicDuo's two K56flex modems by sending your browser's Web requests through both modems*. Since each modem handles half the load of a single modem, your results arrive in as little as half the time! Up to 112 Kbps! MidPoint Teamer also doubles the download performance of your files and graphics by splitting files in half, receiving each half simultaneously. Twice the speed over a single 56K modem.

*Requires an ISP that supports multiple logins or two Internet accounts&#151;contact your ISP for more information

Share the Web with Your Companion!

Boca provides a trial version of MidCore Software's MidPoint Companion&#153; so you may share your Internet access with a friend or a co-worker. Now two users can simultaneously surf, e-mail, check newsgroups, chat and more while saving costs and additional Internet accounts and telephone lines over a LAN connection. If you try it and like it, Boca will give you a tremendous savings on MidPoint Companion's retail price. Boca also supplies versions of the software that will support 5, 10, 20 or 100 users and up to 8 simultaneous modem connections.

You Will Never Experience the Internet Quite the Same Way Again!

Finally, ISDN-like performance over regular telephone lines. The DynamicDuo is the ideal solution for downloading large files and Web pages. Boca's 112K DynamicDuo combines two 56K modems on a single Plug and Play ISA card. It is capable of supporting two active calls simultaneously on two phone lines. The DynamicDuo can achieve ultrafast speeds of up to 112K with ISPs supporting K56flex technology and up to 67K with ISPs that do not support K56flex*.

*Two separate phone lines are required to attain these ultrafast transfer rates

Don't Get Bumped off the Internet or Miss Important Telephone Calls Ever Again!

With call waiting on one line, the DynamicDuo will detect an incoming telephone call and automatically drop one connection to allow the call to come through. Data flow is not interrupted and continues on the second line. You neve lose your Internet connection! When the first line becomes free, the two lines are once again bonded together. A powerful solution for the home or office because incoming calls can be voice or fax/data transmissions.

More Key Features

  • Fastest analog modem available today with data transfer speeds of up to 112K
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs than ISDN with competitive performance
  • Software upgradable to ITU-T standards (available when standards are ratified)
  • Includes free Cast-a-Vision&#153; software&#151;Internet broadcast software
  • Free Data Secure! trial version included
  • Networking capability
  • Plug and Play


  • Internal 112K DynamicDuo Modem
  • One RJ-11 telephone cable
  • Boca MegaMedia CD suite
  • TEN CD suite
  • Easy installation guide(s)

System Requirements

  • IBM-compatible 486DX2/66 or greater system
  • One available 16-bit ISA expansion slot
  • Windows® 95 or Windows NT
  • 20MB free hard disk space for included software
  • 8MB system RAM
  • 2x CD-ROM drive or greater (software and games supplied on CD)
  • Two telephone lines to achieve speeds up to 112K

Product Code: MDDL56I

Get Connected at Web Warp Speed!

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