CL/1 Server for MVS/TSO


The CL/1 Server for MVS/TSO is a networking software product that provides CL/1 access to IBM Database 2 (DB2) databases on an MVS/TSO host system. Running on the MVS/TSO host, the CL/1 Server works coopera­tively with personal computer applications that support CL/1, such as spreadsheets, databases, and word processors running on Apple Macintosh computers and MS-DOS-compatible computers.

A total connectivity solution for MVS/TSO includes a client personal computer running an application with embedded CL/1 support, and an MVS/TSO host with the CL/1 Server. The CL/1 Server receives requests from the personal computer application, carries them out on MVS against DB2, and sends the desired data back to the application for desk­top processing.

The CL/1 Server for MVS/TSO provides uniform support for CL/1-based applications, regard­less of the type of personal computer used. It works with existing DB2 databases, operating under standard TSO and DB2 security. As a result, personal computer users receive seamless, transparent access to the DB2 data that they have been autho­rized to access. CL/1 also pro­vides concurrent access to multiple DB2 subsystems from within one desktop application.