Components of the Macintosh System Folder

The classic Macintosh system folder requires certain files and directories in order to function properly.

Core System Files

System Enablers

A system enabler file is placed in the root of the System Folder and is required on certain Macintosh models, typically when the Mac OS version is older than the hardware. A 1994 list of required system enablers can be found at Latest System Enablers List (June 1994).

Apple Menu Items

Control Panels

  • Appearance (Macintosh system software) - Provides settings for the new "Copland" appearance which was introduced in Mac OS 8.0.
  • Apple Menu Options
  • Auto Power On/Off
  • AutoRemounter
  • Brightness
  • Button Disabler
  • Cache Switch - Allows you to enable/disable cache on Motorola 68040 processors for compatibility reasons.
  • CloseView
  • ColorSync System Profile - Part of the ColorSync software.
  • Color
  • Control Strip
  • Date & Time
  • Desktop Patterns
  • Easy Access
  • Extensions Manager
  • File Sharing Monitor
  • File Sharing - This is the later Mac OS control panel for AppleShare configuration, essentially combining the existing "Sharing Setup" and "Users & Groups" panels.
  • General Controls
  • Keyboard
  • Labels
  • Launcher
  • Mac OS Easy Open
  • Macintosh Easy Open - As seen in System 7.5 but renamed to "Mac OS Easy Open" in later Mac OS releases.
  • MacTCP - Provides TCP support prior to the introduction of Open Transport.
  • Map
  • Memory
  • Monitors
  • Mouse
  • Network - Allows you to switch your AppleTalk network between installed physical networks such as LocalTalk or EtherTalk.
  • Numbers
  • PC Exchange
  • Power Macintosh Card
  • PowerBook
  • PowerBook Setup
  • Screen
  • Serial Switch
  • Sharing Setup - Configuration for file/application sharing with AppleShare, integrated into "File Sharing" control panel in later OS releases.
  • Sound
  • Speech
  • Startup Disk - Select between present disks/partitions for Mac OS boot assuming a valid system folder exists on selected volume.
  • Text
  • Token Ring
  • Trackpad
  • Users & Groups - Access control for file/application sharing with AppleShare, integrated into "File Sharing" control panel in later OS releases.
  • Views
  • WindowShade


  • 040 VM Update
  • 630 SCSI Update
  • A/ROSE
  • Appearance Extension - Part of Mac OS 8.0 release but later integrated into the system leaving only the Appearance control panel.
  • Apple 10/100 Fast Ethernet
  • Apple Built-In Ethernet
  • Apple CD-ROM
  • Apple Ethernet CS - Provides a driver for Apple Comm Slot Ethernet cards.
  • Apple Ethernet CS II
  • Apple Ethernet NB - Provides a driver for Apple NuBus Ethernet cards.
  • Apple Guide
  • Apple Photo Access
  • AppleScript
  • AppleShare - Chooser extension for connecting to AppleShare servers via AppleTalk.
  • Clipping Extension
  • Desktop Printer Extension
  • Desktop Printer Spooler
  • Desktop PrintMonitor
  • EM Extension - This extension will have a blank space in front of the name causing it to load first. Used with the "Extensions Manager" control panel to enable/disable components.
  • Ethernet (Built-In)
  • EtherTalk Phase 2
  • File Sharing Extension - Part of AppleTalk networking under early System 7.x versions.
  • Find File Extension
  • Finder Scripting Extension
  • Foreign File Access
  • High Sierra File Access
  • IIci/IIsi Monitors Extension
  • ISO 9660 File Access
  • LC Monitors Extension
  • MacinTalk 3
  • Macintosh Guide
  • Network Extension - Part of AppleTalk networking under early System 7.x versions.
  • ObjectSupportLib
  • PB 150 Modem Patch
  • PCI Network Legacy Layer
  • PCI Network Legacy Loader
  • PowerBook Monitors Extension
  • PowerPC Finder Update
  • PowerPC Monitors Extension
  • Printer Share
  • PrintMonitor
  • Quadra AV Monitors Extension
  • Quadra Monitors Extension
  • Shared Code Manager
  • Shared Library Manager
  • Speech Manager
  • System Update - Part of System Update 3.0 addition for System 7.1.
  • TokenTalk Phase 2
  • TokenTalk Prep


This is a directory found inside the Extensions folder and contains the various voices being used by the MacinTalk software.

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