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Connectix Color QuickCam

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Everything you need is in the box. Color QuickCam can take still pictures in millions of colors at 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The fast, manually adjustable focus lens provides sharp images from less than 1-inch to infinity and is optimized for indoor lighting. Connectix developed new VIDEC (Video Digitally Enhanced Compression; patent pending) technology for Color QuickCam to provide faster frame rates at larger frame sizes. With VIDEC's compressed video data stream, its faster to store videos or videoconference over the net. Since Connectix QuickCam was introduced in 1994, hundreds of thousands of computer users have made QuickCam the most popular camera for personal computers.

VIDEC (Video Digitally Enhanced Compression) is the compression method built into the Color QuickCam digital camera. In order to play back movies captured with the Color QuickCam and saved with VIDEC compression, the VIDEC decompressor needs to be installed. If you purchased the Color QuickCam, VIDEC is installed as part of the software that came with your camera.


  • 640 x 480 pixel resolution Color CCD.
  • Connectix VIDEC (tm) technology for faster frame rates and larger frame sizes.
  • Fast f/1.6 aperture, 5.7 mm lens with 48 degree view and electronic zoom.
  • Manual adjustable focus for sharp images from under 1" to infinity.
  • Takes pictures in up to 24-bit (millions) of color or as few as 16 colors (or gray scale).
  • Auto brightness and hue controls.
  • Complete controls for saturation, white and black levels, and red and blue levels.
  • Mirror, Flip and Rotate to orient picture as you like.
  • Standard tripod socket.
  • Camera stand for easy adjustment.
  • 6 foot connecting cable with pass through keyboard power adapter.

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