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Copland D11E4 - Files Overview, Hacking, Notes

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Copland boot crash

This is mostly a collection of personal notes about the Copland D11E4 build as I poke around the files and try to get a better understanding of how the system functioned. For more general information about Copland, please see the Apple Copland main article and the documentation links.


  • The directory structure of D11E4 is far different from the earlier leaks of D7E1 and D9.
    • CFrags have become System Libraries
    • Copland system folder now present on same partition as the host's original system 7.x installation
  • "Mac OS Loader" seems to replace "ModernOSLoader" and contains newer bootloader elements for the PCI PowerMac support

Core Files


In more than one file resource string, the Finder calls itself "QuickDraw GX Finder 8.0 (Development, Debug) Thursday, May 30, 1996"

The D11E4 Finder is different from the previous D9 build which seemed to have two Finders; one being a modified 7.1.x Finder version and the other named Finder8 which included the new Copland Finder elements.

Mac OS Loader

This appears to be the first bootloader file which executes when you turn on the Copland system with the caps-lock key pressed.



Resource values under cstr include "System Libraries" and "Hardware Support" which are library directories within the Mac OS Folder, where the loader looks for code fragments.

Open Firmware

The file contains data and settings for Open Firmware which is used by PCI PowerMacs, unsure how it applies to the earlier NuBus PowerMacs. In the "ofpt" resource type of this file there are numerous OF related resources:

  • auto-boot? - This should contain a value of true. If you set it to false, the Copland booter seems to stop right after the initial "happy Mac" screen.
  • OFPatches - Contains some references to PCI PowerMac models 7200/7500/8500/9500.
  • boot-command - Value is "BootMacOS"
  • nvramrc
  • use-nvramrc? - Value is true
  • load-base


The System file is fairly small and seems to hold a handful of resources. The standard Macintosh alert sounds are found within System, along with the default alert sound which is called "Toon Shot."



These are the standard icon resource types and the System file contains the older 7.x style icons, so it is assumed these resources are not used within Copland. The modern Copland icons are found elsewhere.


The old "Copland blue" desktop pattern used in the previous Copland builds is found in this resource. D11E4 has a different default pattern which is located elsewhere.

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