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DFI Mediabook NB925

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The DFI Mediabook NB925 is a intel 80486 SX based notebook computer released sometime around 1991. It's actually a NanTan Notebook FMAK9200 "baretop" but with DFI branding on the access cover for the internals.

Technical Details

The DFI MediaBook NB925 is a 25MHz 486 SX based laptop built for Diamond Flower (DFI) by NanTan Computer (NTC). It's based on the FMAK9200/FMAP9200 models with a 25MHz system bus. It features SoundBlaster Pro compatible sound and OPL FM Synthesis, as well as 2x PCMCIA Type II Slots.


  • NanTan Notebook 9200 Series Chassis
  • 2x 9vDC 1800mAH Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
  • 19v Power Supply w/ Barrel Jack
  • Intel 80486 SX 25MHz CPU (upgradable)
  • 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
  • Cirrus Logic CLGD5424 1MB SVGA Graphics
  • Casio 9.4" STN Monochrome MD820TT00C1 LCD Panel
  • ESS 488 AudioDrive Sound Card with OPL/2
  • PCMCIA Type II Slots x2
  • Hotkey Support for Screen & Audio Functions
  • 250MB 2.5" IDE HDD

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