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Delphi is an Commercial online service first launched in 1985. Delphi offers text-based Internet access including email , FTP, gopher, newsgroups, and text of Web sites. Delphi is currently owned by MCI/Newscorp and maintains a Web site called iWorld, which features entertainment and news from Fox Broadcasting, another company owned by Newscorp’s boss, Rupert Murdoch.

iWorld contains a directory of news, Internet, chat, sports, and entertainment resources online. A link to an online version of TV Guide magazine is available.

Delphi also offers many special interest forums including user run “custom” forums, software libraries, news, travel, reference materials, and everything else you’d expect to find on a commercial service. It’s one of the best places to go for multi-user games , offering poker, trivia, word games, and more every night of the week. Delphi requires a monthly fee for membership.