This site is the result of one person's search for a better search. It started when I got extremely frustrated with searching Yahoo and finding too few or no results and then trying AltaVista and getting 30000 or more documents.

Naturally I tried other meta-search engines, some of which were very impressive, incorporating powerful features. However none would search starting with the search engine that gives the most focused results (in my opinion, Yahoo) moving on to search engines which, while not as focused, return more results. Further those other multiple search engine gateways would not allow the use of advanced syntax such as NEAR, which I use all the time, or leave in the option to get more pages from any search engine which returns more than 10 matches.

The result of this frustration was that I learned Unix and Perl and 20 search engines' features enough to program Arfie.

I am always trying to make the search gateway better and your feedback is more than welcome. If you have comments about what you like, or even more importantly, where the search gateway could be improved, please Tell Me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.

May 18, 1997- Dogpile (and MetaFind) are now officially organized under the company name Unusual Solutions. It is now my full time job and is made possible solely through Arfie's sponsors. If you enjoy using this site, consider visiting and patronizing our sponsors. Also, if you are interested in sponsoring us, take a look at our Ad Rates Page.

--Aaron Flin