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Apple Computer's attempt at becoming an ISP in the mid-1990s. Service launched in June 1994 and shut down in 1996.


eWorld has been set up as a "virtual town" -- and the program displays a "town square" with building icons for each section of eWorld. By clicking on the appropriate icon/building you can access the following areas in eWorld:

  • Community Center -- general announcements. Headquarters for live interaction.
  • Business and Finance -- information and services for the business professional and investor. Weather forecasts and stock market quotes are just a part of this section.
  • Computer Center -- describes unique services and products for Mac users. Technical support, shareware and help with hardware/software purchases.
  • Learning Center -- features include the complete Grolier Encyclopedia. Reference area including encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  • Arts and Leisure Pavilion -- Information and discussions about the arts, television, hobbies, games and much more. Electronic gaming includes forums, shareware libraries, live role playing and interactive adventure games.
  • Marketplace -- one stop shopping for products and services -- including travel services and tickets.
  • Newsstand -- offers the latest headlines from Reuters, USA Today and other news gathering services.
  • Email -- send and receive electronic mail.
  • Info Booth -- gives basic information about eWorld. Check out your accrued charges on the system. Change your password.

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