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Founded in 1994 by Sky Dayton, a 23-year old entrepreneur, EarthLink was established to meet the growing demand for fast and easy Internet access. A former coffee house and computer graphics firm owner, Dayton experienced excessive difficulty and expense accessing the Internet, which compelled him to create a service - complete with software - to provide an inexpensive, direct connection to the Internet. The software, "TotalAccess," is a simple, complete, and free Internet solution for both the PC and Macintosh.

Originally established as a regional ISP, Pasadena-based EarthLink quickly grew to command a national presence through strategic alliances with network providers UUNET Technologies and PSINet. Combined, these partnerships provide more than 1,000 dial-up points-of-presence (POPs), offering local Internet access in thousands of cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. These alliances give EarthLink several strategic advantages including: state-of-the-art technology for both Internet access and Web site hosting; greater flexibility and mobility to rapidly expand its service coverage and quickly adopt new technologies as market demands arise; a focus on member-oriented products and services rather than a total focus on the infrastructure; the first widely distributed plug-and-play Internet access solution; and the industry's first member education programs which help people get the most out of the Internet.

EarthLink was the first to offer "plug-and-play" nationwide ISDN Internet service. As complete, one-stop ISDN shop, individuals and businesses have an easy way to order and install a high-speed digital line for faster Internet access. To provide a distinct advantage over competing offerings, EarthLink's comprehensive ISDN package allows members to order their ISDN account and hardware, as well as set up the installation process, all with one phone call.

EarthLink's frame relay service is an efficient, dependable option for connecting a LAN or WAN to the Internet, for building a corporate Intranet, or for an individual who requires dedicated, high-speed Internet access. EarthLink gives the option to start with a 56Kbps circuit and then expand -- or "burst" -- up to a full T1 when the bandwidth is needed. By selecting either a maximum burst rate (BIR) or minimum committed information rate (CIR), or both, members can meet changing requirements cost-effectively.

EarthLink's motto, "It's your Internet," truly speaks to the company's corporate philosophy; and through its actions, products and services, EarthLink has been recognized for - and continues to prove - its commitment to making the Internet a relevant, entertaining and personal tool for its members.