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 This is dedicated to The Prophet :

Below are the current lists of values known at BBN for: Ethernet
Type Fields; Ethernet Address Vendor assignments; Ethernet
Multicast Address assignments.  As these values are not published
by the IEEE, we maintain these lists for OUR use, and for distribution.

Current Ethernet and IEEE802.3 "Type" Fields            5/5/88

The 13th and 14th octets of an Ethernet or IEEE802.3 packet (after the preamble)
consist of the "Type" or "Length" field. These are formerly assigned by
Xerox, currently assigned by IEEE. Some assignments are public, others private.
Information currently available includes: Xerox Public Ethernet Packet
Type documentation; IEEE802.3 Std, but not yet further documentation from
IEEE; NIC RFC960; knowledge of some BBN Private Type Field values.

0000-05EE       IEEE802.3 Length Field
0600    Xerox NS IDP *
0800    DOD Internet Protocol (IP) * #
0801    X.75 Internet
0802    NBS Internet
0803    ECMA Internet
0804    CHAOSnet
0805    X.25 Level 3
0806    Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) * (for IP and for CHAOS)
0807    XNS Compatibility
081C    Symbolics Private
1000    Berkeley Trailer negotiation
1001-100F       Berkeley Trailer encapsulation
1600    VALID-machine protocol? *
5208    BBN Simnet Private %
6000    DEC unassigned
6001    DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) Dump/Load Assistance
6002    DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) Remote Console
6003    DECNET Phase IV
6004    DEC Local Area Transport (LAT)
6005    DEC diagnostic protocol (at interface initialization?)
6006    DEC customer protocol
6007    DEC Local Area VAX Cluster (LAVC)
6008    DEC unassigned
6009    DEC unassigned
8003    Cronus VLN
8004    Cronus Direct
8005    HP Probe protocol
8006    Nestar
8010    Excelan
8035    Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
8038    DEC LanBridge Management
8039    DEC unassigned
803A    DEC unassigned
803B    DEC unassigned
803C    DEC unassigned
803D    DEC Ethernet Encryption Protocol
803E    DEC unassigned
803F    DEC LAN Traffic Monitor Protocol
8040    DEC unassigned
8041    DEC unassigned
8042    DEC unassigned
805B    Stanford V Kernel, experimental
805C    Stanford V Kernel, production
809B    EtherTalk (AppleTalk over Ethernet)
80F3    AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol (AARP)
9000    Loopback (Configuration Test Protocol)
FF00    BBN VITAL-LanBridge cache wakeups %

* These protocols use Ethernet broadcast, where multicast would be preferable.
# BBN Butterfly Gateways also use 0800 for non-IP, with IP version field = 3.
% BBN Private Protocols, not registered
E           4/29/88

Ethernet hardware addresses are 48 bits, expressed as 12 hexadecimal digits
(0-9, plus A-F, capitalized). These 12 hex digits consist of
the first/left 6 digits (which should match the vendor of the Ethernet interface
within the station) and the last/right 6 digits which specify the interface
serial number for that interface vendor.

Currently we have noted the following vendor addresses, on the
BBN Corporate Ethernet.

000093  Proteon
0000AA  Xerox           Xerox machines
000102  BBN             BBN internal usage (not registered)
00DD00  Ungermann-Bass
020701  Interlan        UNIBUS or QBUS machines
020406  BBN             BBN internal usage (not registered)
02608C  3Com            IBM PC; Imagen; Valid
02CF1F  CMC             Masscomp
080002  Bridge
080005  Symbolics       Symbolics LISP machines
080009  Hewlett-Packard
080010  AT+T
080014  Excelan         BBN Butterfly, Masscomp
08001A  Data General
08001E  Apollo
080020  Sun             Sun machines
080028  TI              Explorer
08002B  DEC             UNIBUS or QBUS machines, VAXen, LANBridges
                        (DEUNA, DEQNA, DELUA)
080047  Sequent
08004C  Encore
080068  Ridge
080089  Kinetics        AppleTalk-Ethernet interface
08008B  Pyramid
08008D  XyVision        XyVision machines
AA0003  DEC             Physical address for some DEC machines
AA0004  DEC             Logical address for systems running DECNET

Ethernet addresses might be written unhyphenated (e.g. 123456789ABC),
or with one hyphen (e.g. 123456-789ABC), but should be written hyphenated
by octets (e.g. 12-34-56-78-9A-BC).

These addresses are physical station addresses, not multicast nor
broadcast, so the second hex digit (reading from the left)
will be even, not odd.

At present, it is not clear how the IEEE assigns Ethernet block addresses.
Whether in blocks of 2**24 or 2**25, and whether multicasts are assigned
with that block or separately. A portion of the vendor block address
is reportedly assigned serially, with the other portion intentionally
assigned randomly. If there is a global algorithm for which addresses
are designated to be physical (in a chipset) versus logical
(assigned in software), I am unaware of the algorithm.
Cdresses            5/5/88

Ethernet                Type    
Address                 Field   Usage

Multicast Addresses:

09-00-2B-01-00-01       8038    DEC LanBridge Hello packets
                                1 packet per second, sent by the
                                designated LanBridge
AB-00-00-01-00-00       6001    DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP)
                                Dump/Load Assistance
AB-00-00-02-00-00       6002    DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP)
                                Remote Console
                                1 System ID packet every 8-10 minutes, by every:
                                DEC LanBridge
                                DEC DEUNA interface
                                DEC DELUA interface
                                DEC DEQNA interface (in a certain mode)
AB-00-00-03-00-00       6003    DECNET Phase IV end node Hello packets
                                1 packet every 15 seconds, sent by each DECNET host
AB-00-00-04-00-00       6003    DECNET Phase IV Router Hello packets
                                1 packet every 15 seconds, sent by the DECNET router
AB-00-00-05-00-00       ????    Reserved DEC
AB-00-04-00-00-00       ????    Reserved DEC customer private use
AB-00-04-01-xx-yy       6007    DEC Local Area VAX Cluster
                                (LAVC Cluster group yy)
CF-00-00-00-00-00       9000    Ethernet Configuration Test protocol (Loopback)

Broadcast Address:

FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       0600    XNS packets, Hello or gateway search?
                                6 packets every 15 seconds, per XNS station
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       0800    IP (e.g. RWHOD via UDP) as needed
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       0806    ARP (for IP and CHAOS) as needed
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF       1600    VALID packets, Hello or gateway search?
                                1 packets every 30 seconds, per VALID station