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The NanTan FMA3500 is a intel 80486 based notebook computer released in 1991, and came in several different models with several different versions of the intel 486, and primarily used desktop components.

Technical Details

The FMA3500 came in 3 different models: The base level FMA3500, FMA3500SX, and FMA3500C. Early models came in a white chassis with a 4-pin proprietary power supply connector, while later models had a dark gray casing with a standard barrel jack power supply connector. Usually there's a logo above the keyboard on the right that says "486 DX" or "486 DX Professional" in blue and gray lettering.


  • Intel 486 DX-33 (FMA3500, FMA3500C), or 486 SX-25 (FMA3500SX) CPU, Socket 1 (Press-fit)
  • 4x SIP Memory Slots for up to 16MB of RAM, 32MB Maximum theoretical
  • 1.44MB 3.5" Desktop floppy Drive
  • Standard Desktop 3.5" 40 pin IDE HDD up to 528MB in capacity
  • WD VGA Graphics Chipset
  • internal Speaker Sound
  • Mechanical Keyboard
  • PS/2 Port, switchable via a toggle switch located on the side by the RS232C Serial Port
  • 19V NiCAD Battery that attaches to the back of the computer with Thumbscrews
  • some later models came with a Trackball built in where the "486 DX" Logo is located.

Expansion was provided via a "Docking Station" that attached in place of the battery with a pair of thumbscrews. This "Docking Station" of sorts provided 2 ISA expansion slots for adding a network card or a sound card to the machine.

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