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Founded in 1999, Formac Electronic, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Formac Elektronik GmbH in Berlin, Germany. From its offices in Pleasanton, California, Formac provides an award winning line of products for the Macintosh platform, including advanced graphics boards, G3 processor boards, SCSI controllers and TV tuners. With a well-established presence in Europe, Formac draws upon its heritage of engineering experience to provide quality products to the US market.

Formac GmbH was founded in Berlin in 1987. Formac's first product was the ProDisc - an external line of disk drives with proprietary software for the Apple Mac plus. The success of this product led Formac to develop the first black and white graphic board for the Mac SE in 1988, and Formac has been in the graphic board market ever since. Formac entered the monitor market in the early 90s with the ProNitron line, although Formac Electronic Inc is currently focused exclusively on graphics and accelerator boards for the US market.