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Galileo Video

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Galileo Video blends graphics, and digital video in a powerful, flexible computer-based production system.

The New Frontier

Galileo Video provides video input, output and effects for the IRIS Indigo(TM) R4000R and SGI Indigo2(TM) desktop workstations. Galileo Video is an integral part of the Silicon Studio(TM) solution for film and video production from Silicon Graphics. Together with Indigo R and powerful Silicon Studio applications, Galileo Video opens up a new frontier in production.

Never before have world-class 2D and 3D graphics, image processing, digital audio and RISC-based computes teamed with high-quality digital video in a desktop package. This fusion unleashes a galaxy of new videographic capabilities and transforms Indigo into a personal post-production suite.

High-Quality Digital Video

With Galileo's high-quality video input and output, you can use Indigo to create professional video productions.

  • Professional quality Y/R-Y/B-Y and RGB formats
  • Industrial quality S-Video and Composite formats
  • NTSC and PAL standards
  • Real-time and frame-by-frame video output and "video-in-a-window" display
  • Capture of video clips and frames to RAM or disk
  • Real-time video capture with the Cosmo Compress(TM) option
  • Genlock to video input or external blackburst
  • Output of video sync
  • SMPTE Vertical Interval Time Code support
  • 8 bit per component 4:2:2 YUV color space with no conversions

D1 Option

D1 serial digital component video input and output is available for Galileo as an option. The D1 video channels deliver maximum image quality and allow you to working in an all-digital environment free of generational loss.

The D1 option also provides two additional independent video channels. The additional channels allow you to simultaneously manipulate up to three video input streams (two digital and one analog) and two video output streams (one digital and one analog) for applications such as multi-channel DVE and A/B/C roll.

Real-Time Effects

Real-time processing is designed into Galileo's basic architecture. Galileo's alpha blender and key generator enable on-line editing of many fundamental video effects.

  • Overlays
  • Dissolves
  • Fades
  • Wipes
  • Chroma keying
  • Luma keying

Artifact-Free Output

Galileo helps you combine computer graphics and video without tell-tale artifacts. Galileo's system software drives Indigo's graphics at your choice of NTSC or PAL field rates, film frame rate or graphics refresh rates. This eliminates motion artifacts caused by dropped or duplicated frames when outputting graphics to video.

Galileo also offers selectable filters that greatly improve the quality of your productions. The deinterlace input filter brightens the computer display of interlaced video streams. Similarly, the anti-flicker output filter eliminates distracting interlacing artifacts in graphics recorded to video.

Choice of Sizes

Galileo lets you shape your video to sizes that suit your application.

  • Real-time scan conversion for nearly full-screen output
  • Zoom video input up to full screen
  • Pan within zoomed video stream
  • Anti-aliased decimation of video input to small resolutions.

Indigo MagicTM Software

Indigo Magic Media tools help you get the most out of Galileo's advanced capabilities. Indigo Magic tools are bundled with every system, and deliver simple pre-production capabilities.

Included are the Digital Media Tools suite, which gives you the tools you need to capture, edit, and playback audio, video, and images. Support for industry-standard file formats makes cross-platform interchange easy.

Creating Digital Media Content

Capture data from numerous analog and digital input sources including:

  • Video: IndyCam(TM) digital video camera, VCR input
  • Audio: Microphone, audio CD, digital audio tape
  • Image: Screen capture, image scan using IRIS Impressario(TM) software

The Capture tool lets you save live video input, audio, and images to your system disk and import them into any of the digital media applications. Variable compression codecs, rates, and sizes are available when creating movies.

CDman and DATman are easy-to-use utilities for controlling the CD-ROM drive and digital audio tape drive. CDman allows direct-to-disk digital recording through the SCSI port. DATman plays and records digital audio tapes on the 4mm digital audio tape drive. The tapes are compatible with those used in commercial DAT recorders.

Once your data is captured, polish it for presentation with a suite of editing tools.

Powerful development interfaces are available as options. These include the Digital Media development Option, ImageVision Library(TM), IRIS Inventor(TM) and the CASEVision(TM) visual development environment. These interfaces enable developers to create the unique applications which help Indigo and Galileo open up the new frontier in video production.

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