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Gravis Mac MouseStick II

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Looking for the ultimate joystick for your Macintosh? Look no further than the Mac MouseStick II from Advanced Gravis. The MouseStick II is the standard for Mac joysticks and is compatible with every Macintosh, Power Book, and Power Mac that has an ADB port.

Mac Mousestick II Features:

  • programmable buttons to customize your gaming environment
  • An "Application Aware" feature ensures the correct settings are active for your favorite games
  • The only joystick compatible with all Macintosh action arcade games and flight simulators
  • Pass-through ADB connector
  • Easy installation and user-friendly software

The Mac MouseStick II software includes settings for the most popular action arcade games and flight simulators. The five buttons can be used for any commands within a game including throttle adjustment, rocket launching or even a simple mouse click. And, if that's not enough, each button can also be set for single shot or turbo-fire! The choice is yours.

No other joystick offers this degree of sophisticated control, comfort, and compatibility. The Mac MouseStick II is covered by our 1 Year No-Nonsense Warranty. With its low suggested retail price, durable construction and superior workmanship, find out why the MouseStick II is the world's most popular Mac joystick.

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