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Gravis UltraSound Plug & Play

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The UltraSound Plug & Play sound card makes use of the highly-integrated Interwave chip developed by Advanced Micro Devices. The Interwave chip was developed as the result of a joint venture between Gravis and AMD utilizing Advanced Gravis' UltraSound audio technology. The Interwave chip is the first to provide integration of the MPC-3 multimedia requirements. This integrated technology allows Gravis to deliver more honest reproduction of sound and reduce the card's cost without sacrificing the quality of the other components.

  • Easy Windows 95 Plug & Play Setup.
  • Full Duplex-simultaneous record and playback for Internet applications and more.
  • 32-voice General MIDI wavetable sound card.
  • Hardware mixing of 32 channels for dynamic digital effects.
  • Compatible with every Windows 95 application.
  • Expandable! Add up to 8 MB RAM for custom sounds and stunning effects processing. (Pro Version comes with 512K RAM built-in.)

Superior Sound Specs

  • AMD Interwave GFA1 DDSP chip
  • 32-voice wavetable synthesizer
  • 32 channels for digital effects
  • Beyond CD-quality recording and playback at 16-bit, 48 KHz
  • Hardware mixing so you won't sacrifice game performance for good music
  • 4:1 ADPCM, A-law, and æ-law compression
  • Slots for up to 8 MB of RAM memory
  • Line In, Line Out, Mono Mic In, Atapi Enhanced IDE CD-ROM interface, CD audio, and Joystick/MPU 401 UART-compatible MIDI connectors
  • 20 Hz to 20 KHz ñ 3dB line output frequency response
  • <0.05% total harmonic distortion with an input of dbm li>>80dB signal to noise ratio (line in to line out)

Technical Specifications
Hardware Required IBM 486 SX-33 or better, Hard Drive (30MB free), CD-ROM
Onboard Memory 1MB of ROM (expandable to 8MB of RAM)
System Required DOS 5.0 or greater - Microsoft compatible mouse - VGA and Windows™ '95 recommended - 16-bit bus slot
Digital Audio 8- and 16-bit
Digital Stereo Channels: 16
Voices 32
Digital Recording 8- or 16-bit (stereo)
Variable Sample Rates 2 to 48 KHz
MIDI Support Industry standard (MPU401-6850 UART)- 192 General MIDI patches included
MIDI Connectors In, Out, Through with optional MIDI Adapter
Card Connectors 15-pin joystick & MIDI connector - 3 jacks for audio line out, audio line in and microphone in internal CD-audio line in - IDE CD-ROM Interface
Warranty Three years

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