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HackAddict Hotline Closure

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From Kitten - packing (May20 00:00):

from MemRex

  The world will suffer a loss.  For all of the newbies that could be... they will not be. For all those who had been... they will always be. We look up to one as he looked down upon us with sympathedic eyes and a smile.  The Weasel will always be remembered (I hope) as someone who gave more than he took.  I feel that I have lost a friend, but I have just lost a guide.  That is all.

To all the admins of HackAddict, thanks!

It's been a great year.

From Apple Rulez {£M} (May19 23:54):

Well Weasel I can thank you enough for hosting this site so long hope to see ya around hotline.Do to the fact of you just not wanting to keep this site going any longer because it was'nt and fun for you any more, I understand so if taking the site down makes you happy then thats what i want you to be,which is happy.=)
From Terrible Terrapin (May19 23:32):

oh kitten, what a sweet post.  i've got tears in my eyes.  i really do.
From Kitten - packing (May19 23:10):

From the quasi-admin with the wanna-be account - the resident Kitten
			I love all u guys ;)
You've provided me with hours of entertainment
Keep an eye out for ZeroGravity next fall - I'll be hosting it
Kin - thx fer the account baby :)
CC and Pinky - thx fer bein the first ones to welcome me to HL ;)
Fuze - good luck w/ tha girl
MrMac - look out for the evil roommate! ;)
Freak - freak!
Rockone - u're awesome ;)
anita - mafia-girl
Vodka Fly - try not to break urself in half skatin
Virgil - u're deep...
Weedman - thx fer the lessons
xwp - thx for the advices
and all the rest o' ya - OB, TW, Juka, Tef, durv, Logik, Loki, ZD, Nodoze (sorry if I left u off)
I'll miss all of you.
From Cross Chain (May19 23:04): lifelong dream has once again been realized (for those with bad memories, don't forget i was admin for about 36 hours at ranx's)....

now then, what DID i use to do before i started wasting time here? hurm...
From  Fuzebox  (May19 23:02):

Um Freak?  I never told you about my grandparents...
From Teflonª (May19 23:01):

if anyone wants to message me my ICQ # is 10967799 I'll miss everyone here this was a great server
From Freak (May19 22:55):

To my friends, 
Loved, lost, and desired.
We will all miss HackAddict. 
Shouts to:
Kin for hosting the site, for teaching me realbasic
Marty for being a webmaster
Virgil for being a artist
Kitten for being a kitten (;
Weasel for being a good friend and support, email me man @ [email protected]
WeeDo for doing all his kewl programs
Fuze for tellen me bout his grandparents
crosschain for sayen hi to me all the time
Ziff for always being online
all my other people who arnt on as i write this.
I loved you All see you on when it comes around!!!!! =) or maybe ....
also weasel email me -=)

From Blackout (May19 22:29):

hey dont be down I am going to host my server (hopefully up 24/7) the ip is or
From NoDoZe -=Dinner=-       (May19 22:25):

Newbie ZD you always were a comic! Å:×)
From ZiffDuck|ÙÙÙ| (May19 22:24):

Forgotten from my post so far are: Fuzebox under new admins and Nodoze under Newbies....
From Fuzebox (May19 22:14):

From ZiffDick|ÙÙÙ| (May19 22:09):

Well.. Since all the other admins have left some memoirs in the news... I spose its my turn....

The whole reason I ever downloaded hotline was on Weasel's website.. hell at that point I was sick of the web.. thanx TW.

Early People: RaNX, Xioth, Catrap, Sir Klown, WeeDo and Rocky

New(er) Admins: Logik, Freaky, OB, Anita, Durv, Kin

Accounters: Juka, Loki, Rift, Cross Chain (MAN YOU MISSED ADMIN TONITE!), Phrac, Tim, Virgil

Newbies: Pzykotic, Teflon and Blackout.

Thank's Y'all... I know as soon as I post this I'll see someone I missed :(

HAª's been about the only place worth talkin about that I work(ed) at.. I'm really gonna miss it around here.. If anyone wants to find me.. you can get me at or by ICQ.... As for anyone with links into places like boffo, ML or BV talk to me cuz I need another place to chill... Out of all the servers on hotline this has to be there MOST elite. It doesn't do any of that "hacking and SW piracy is bad" shit like boffomac. 

Here at HAª... we don't pull shit like some other servers..... being an admin here is as close to a dream job as I've been so far. Yeah.. there's tha chat spammers, warez requesters and unnamed looking for a crack or SN. But for the most... its been real...

Now... 2 things you never knew about me... 

1. I have a twin brother.
2. He's almost as annoying as Evil Admin..

              Da Ditta Da Dit, Dats All Folkz,
              ZiffDuck- [email protected]

From Marty J <Freak, MSG!>  (May19 21:57):

I got some stuff to say.

1. Freak- when you get online, MAIL ME. I'll be here all night waiting for ya. :P

2. Who gives a shit about all the crying goodbyes? Weasel gave up a lot of time, to put out HA to most of ungrateful bastards. Period. No more kissing ass.

3. HackAddict isn't life. It's just a good zine to read.
That's just my 2¢. :P
From  Fuzebox  (May19 21:52):

Fuck you virgil, that wasn't me...

I did the original Weasel spoof, which was well planned and unsuspected...

One of the dozen people who copied me did that!!

So fuck you too asshole :P
From Kitten - packing (May19 21:47):

I have another idea - how about everyone keeps their real icons since it's the people that make HA, not the name ;)
From Virgil (May19 21:41):

Shutup Fuze you skank whore
From The Weasel (May19 21:37):

i am the weasel! you must kiss my ass at all times!
From Virgil (May19 21:35):

I've been going to TW's site for 4 years now... since i was 9...
From Blackout (May19 20:52):

I wish HA could still be going but the mags told you everything you could ever want to know I have been an admin for what?.... about 2,3 days and it was cool! I went to TW's web site about 200 times for all of his good files Im not to good at these final sayings at all but hey there are still alot more ppl out there just like TW or close enough but it was a good 2 days I was admin.....

From MrMac  (May19 20:39):

Well all good things come to an end. It has been a long time as admin on HackAddict. A year I think, it has been fucking cool. Just like to thank people who have helped me along the way.

The Weasel, Logik, RaNX, Kinslayer, Kitten, rock0ne, WeeDo, Freaky and sorry for those i forgot

Will be here to then end of the night. 



From  Fuzebox  (May19 20:33):

** Sniff **

Oh well looks like I'm going to have to get a life now...  Doh!

Bye all, it's been lots of fun wasting away here when I should have been studying :P
From ZiffDuck|ÙÙÙ| (May19 19:36):

¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥To Celebrate closing:¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥

please change your icon to 18526 (the hackaddict BFI) or another HAª icon.... 

From NoDoZe (May19 16:49):

Well All it was fun while it lasted.  Don't be fool and say "its the end of the mac hacking underground"  Just look around you you have WeeDo, Kin etc.  Do i need to go on?  Finaly this help out your lil hacking servers around HL and who knows maybe it will become as big as HA? Å:×)

[email protected]
From Sleet (May19 15:07):

Please READ!

I have organized the Alternative Macintosh Computing Tech
group. It is a experimental, "company", non-profit, Whos dedication is to create useful applications, provide e-mails, and other services for alternative techies and hackers. This organization will take anyone, of all ages who can contribute to it in any way, What we are looking for is:

¥ Someone to host a web server
¥ Someone to promote the organization
¥ A council of people, and members
¥ A hotline server for AMCTech

If you could provide us with that, Or help us in any way, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL ME! 

Thanx alot all,

[email protected]

From Pzykotic (May19 14:32):

HA goes down ala-Seinfeld, "leave em wanting more" and hell yes we do :P

From The Weasel (May19 13:49):

Yes, people, this server will be going down tonight (Tuesday, May 19th) around Midnight or so, or whenever I go to bed. ;-P

It was a fun ride while it lasted, but hey, all good things must come to an end. :-/


TW and the HackAddict Administration