Hacking Allnet

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       =*                                      *=                01/xx/88
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=*                                      *=             Shadow WarriorTM

              Allnet has many access ports, however the most commonly used
ports are for 6,9 and 10 digit codes. I will go into detail on which
dialups support which codes and how to hack them in a little while, but
first I want to start off with a few words about Allnet.

     Allnet codes usually do not last very long so if you wish to use this
as your primary service to phreak with, I suggest you plan on hacking
vertually every day. Another intresting detail is that not all Allnet codes
travel (they will only work in certain area codes) also some codes that do
travel will die in certain areas and still work in others. The reason for
this is that like most long distance services the have more than one
switching port so if a code dies in one area and works in another its
because the switching port in that area has not been notified that the code
is no longer valid. As you might have guessed each switching port has its
own list of valid and valid codes. Allnet can also call out of the country
(Canada for example).

     The most commonly used ports for Allnet are:


     950-1044 uses six digit codes and the codes do not travel. These codes
come in handy because they are only six digits and can call out of the
country as mentioned before. However if you are the type who is going to be
known for always having codes and supplying codes to every phreaker you
know, I do not suggest this service for the main reason that if are going
to be known all around the country you have to have codes that work all
over the country and these do not.

     950-1044 does not give fake carriers in most areas and a valid prefix
(first three digits of the code) can be found by randomly dialing in codes
and finding one that waits until you are done entering the code and phone
number you wish to call. If this happens but it is an invalid code you have
just found yourself a nice prefix to hack off of.

     950-1444, This is Allnet's nine and ten digit port. The two 1-800
numbers I gave you are also the ports for nine or ten digit codes. Hacking
these codes out is a little bit different. You still dialup a random code,
however if it does not ring before you finish entering the code, the prefix
is valid. Please note that the prefixes for both nine and ten digit codes
are seven digits long. Now once you have a seven digit prefix you are only
two or three digits away from a valid code (there is only one valid code in
each prefix for nine or ten digit codes). Actually its a waste to set your
computer up to hack out a nine digit code for Allnet. Since you already
have seven out of the nine digits the most you could have to do is try one
hundred attempts by hand. For ten digit codes it may pay for you to set you
computer to hack for you. Also the nine and ten digit codes do travel and
can call out of the country.

     Is Allnet safe? Well, I never heard of anyone getting busted using
Allnet, but like all other long distance services they have thier moment of
glory when they actually catch anyone. Although Sprint is the one known for
having second best security (AT&T ranks number one.)  Every long distance
service can and sometimes do catch people abusing thier service.

     Allnet of course is an old service and uses the format of code first
then NPA (area code) and then the number you are dialing.

     This concludes my file on hacking out Allnet. Enjoy the service but be