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Hacking the Compuserve Infomation Service

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         $                                                          $
         %         Hacking the Compuserve Infomation Service        %
         $           with various Tricks and Ideas ...              $
         %              By Shadow Lord, Esq.                        %
         $                                                          $

    Compuserve is a multiuser networked Pay by Hour service. But this can
    be beat. At current rates, CIS (Compuserve) charges $6.50 for 300 baud
    and $12.75 for 1200/2400 baud, 9600 can only be accessed by Hardwired
    clients. Thus you see the need for this file. At the time this was
    written, all information in this file was correct. Enough of this, on
    to the file.

    Logging on to Compuserve
    In order to logon to CIS you need one of the following.
     1) A Telenet, Tymnet, Or CIS Port
     2) A Credit Card
     3) Above the IQ of a houseplant
    That is all you need, I know for some of you the 3rd one is tough, but
    try. Ok, you have all this, call your local port, logon to CIS, then
    you should get a [User ID:] Prompt, type [177000,5000], this is the Ziff
    PCMagnet User Id. Now, if you entered it correctly, then you should get
    the [Password:] Prompt, at This type [Pc*Magnet]. You will next be given
    a Welcome Message, then, you will get yet another Prompt. It should ask
    you for your Agreement Number, type [Z10D8810]. That is the end of the
    prompts. Here's where the IQ of above a houseplant comes into play.
    You now have to think. It will ask you various questions, ranging from
    your country to your Social Security number. Answer them however you
    want, but I wouldn't use your real info. If you want the second password
    (Needed to access some things), you will have to give an address where
    you can drop by and pick it up. Some ideas are sending to your neighbors,
    but use your last name, it will end up at your house. This is safe, I
    have used it. Or you can rent a Post Office box for about 6 months.
    Once you have done all this, and answer the questions, and read the
    propoganda, you will see [Entering PCMagnet]. You are done.

    So what do I do Now?
    Ok, if you get this far, you have the IQ of above your fern. You can
    go one of two places, CIS or PCMagnet (Where you are now). You can
    stay in PCMagnet, but there isn't much there. So, I would type [Go Cis]
    This will bring you to Compuserve. Once on CIS, you can do many thing,
    ranging from downloading files, to real time chat on forums to online
    games. Next, I will list some interesting places to go.

    Where do I go?
    There are alot on interesting places to go on Compuserve. There are
    some places that you can't access without a second password, so that
    must be attained to get on CB. But you can goto the forums, the
    games, and alot of other things. I will list some places that I like
    to go.
     [Go Rocknet] will bring you to a rather nice forum that is populated
                  by some very nice people. It has confrences at 7am till
                  9am (Breakfast Club), at 12pm till 1pm (Lunch Bunch),
                  and from around 10pm till 1am. I can be found in this
                  forum alot.
     [Go Hsx100]  will bring you to the Human Sexuality Forum, but it's
                  not what you think, they are very interesting people
                  that hang around here. The Confrence's there are from
                  around 10pm till about 4am. They last along time.
    These are just my favorites, but if you type [Go Forums], it will
    give you a list of forums that you can Hang around on. There are
    some things to look out for on CIS.

    Some sights you will see
    There are some things to look out for on CIS. You must be careful
    when you see one of these things. They are on the look out for US.
    If you see a [70000,xxxx] id, that is a Security Officer, they will
    delete you if you are not careful. If you see a [70006,xxxx] that
    is a Wizard, he can also deleate you. They some times do not deleate
    you they just /gag you, that means you can't be seen, you are not in
    the userlist. This only applys to Confrence and CB. *LooLoo* is a
    person to be careful not to see, she is a mother fucker. She is a
    powerful person, she can /gag you on any forum, but SHE CAN NOT
    deleate you, only a security account can. Her user id is [70006,522]
    so if you see that ID, be careful. I have talked to her voice on
    several occassions, she is fun to call and bother about CIS, if you
    want her number, it is [614/764-2302] Her real name is Patricia
    Phelps. There is also another not so nice person on Compuserve , he
    is Dan Piskur, he is the Head of Security. He uses the Handles,
    [Dan'l or Ghost] he CAN deleate you on sight.

    Misc Info.

    Here's come info on Project Numbers. (User Id's)
    70000,xxxx = CIS Security     70003,xxxx = CIS Employe
    70004,xxxx = CIS Employe      70005,xxxx = Radio Shack Demo
    70006,xxxx = Wizard           70007,xxxx = Complementary Account
    76701,xxxx = Forum Sysop      76703,xxxx = Forum Sysop
    76704,xxxx = Forum Sysop      72251,xxxx = Ziff Account (You)
    72261,xxxx = Ziff Account     72271,xxxx = Ziff Account
    72301,xxxx = Ziff Account
    Some things, a Wizard is a very powerful person, they have access
    to /gag you. A Ziff account is an account created by this method.

    Some of this information was taken from a Phrack File, but 98% of
    it is mine. So please keep it as it is. I would like to thanx the
    following people for help.
    Rigor Mortis - For his help with Compuserve when I started out.
    Matt E. - (A CIS Forum Sysop) for his explaination of the project
              numbers, and security flags.
    Scan Man - For giving me a chance to prove myself.

Written For P-80 Systems 304-744-2253