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Contact Us

For general inquiries regarding the Higher Intellect site, please forward e-mail to the primary site administrator Paul Lezica at [email protected].


The Higher Intellect site does not display any advertisements and is funded only by donations. We have so far been able to maintain a high level of service using a very minimal amount of hardware, but may soon be encountering problems due to the non-standard design of our current systems. We are looking for rackmount specific hardware such as generic 1U or 2U cases, logic boards/CPUs, power supplies, SCSI/SATA/IDE hard disks, DDR/DDR2 memory, RAID adapters, SCSI adapters, plus miscellaneous network gear such as Cisco routers/switches and firewalls. Please use the address below for donations by mail, or see this page for electronic Paypal payments.

Paul Lezica
9-3151 Lakeshore Rd, Suite 292
Kelowna, BC
V1W 3S9