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* [[Hercules Graphics Card]]
* [[Hercules Graphics Card]]
* [[Hercules Graphics Card Plus]]
* [[Hercules Graphics Card Plus]]
* [[Hercules 3D Prophet 4500]]

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Formed in 1982 and was a major player in the video card industry. The brand still exists for some types of peripherals but as of 2004 this no longer includes video cards.

Hercules is one of the leading developers of hardware for graphics and multimedia acceleration. Our award-winning product lines deliver the highest quality, performance and satisfaction at the lowest price possible. Browse our site and see why millions of users worldwide have made Hercules their standard for excellence.

Hercules Computer Technology, like many of the success stories of the microcomputer industry, was born in a garage. In this case the garage was attached to Van Suwannukul's home in the small town of Hercules, about 10 miles northeast of San Francisco. There, in 1982, Van developed the first high resolution graphics adapter for the then newly introduced IBM-PC, the Hercules Monochrome Graphics Adapter. This initial product went on to become the industry standard for high resolution monochrome graphics for PC-DOS and MS-DOS based systems.

From its roots in establishing the monochrome graphics standard, Hercules proceeded to pioneer advances in color graphics solutions to become one of the most illustrious names in the PC graphics arena.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Hercules led the industry with innovative high end solutions based on TIGA, RISC, and proprietary ASIC technologies. These products brought graphics functionality to PCs that was once available only in workstations costing many times more.

Since 1992, Hercules has taken the experience gained from developing high end graphics solutions and has applied a wide range of innovations to the mainstream Windows accelerator market. Hercules Windows multimedia accelerators continue the saga of excellence, regularly receiving awards from both consumer and industry press.

As the pioneer in the PC graphics industry, with 17 years of experience, Hercules Computer Technology Inc. continues to set new performance standards in graphics, multimedia and 3D accelerators.



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