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Hercules Stingray/2

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Featuring 3Dfx Voodoo2, 12 MB memory and easy clock adjustment with the HercuMeter utility, the Hercules Stingray/2 blows away all previous standards of performance.

The Hercules Stingray/2 is an add-on 3D upgrade card that works together with any existing 2D/3D graphics card delivering 3D quality and performance never seen before on the PC platform. Best-in-class 3D frame rates and razor-sharp 3D details transform gaming into a mind-blowing 3D experience.

The Hercules Stingray/2 features Hercules' unique high-performance, wide-bandwidth hardware design, and accelerated software drivers for excellent 3D gaming performance. To provide the sharpest, most vibrant graphics possible, Hercules includes a high-quality, heavily shielded VGA pass-through cable to keep video noise to an absolute minimum.

The Hercules Stingray/2 integrates 4MB of high performance single-cycle EDO DRAM display memory and an additional 4MB for each of the two texture engines. The 12MB Hercules Stingray/2's dedicated hardware triangle setup engine and the two texture engines simultaneously apply two textures to a triangle to accomplish single-pass, single-cycle rendering of effects such as trilinear filtering, sophisticated lighting, spotlights and detail texturing. The Hercules Stingray/2's dual texture design effectively doubles the texture fill rate and provides dramatic 3D performance increases.

The Hercules Stingray/2's performance may be further increased with the addition of a second 12MB Hercules Stingray/2. The primary Hercules Stingray/2 will automatically detect the secondary Hercules Stingray/2 and begin operating in Scan Line Interleaving (SLI) mode. In SLI mode, the primary 12MB Hercules Stingray/2 draws the even scan lines of a frame while the secondary 12MB Hercules Stingray/2 draws the odd scan lines. This reduces the workload on each Hercules Stingray/2 by half, allowing each card to run at up to twice the performance.

The 3dfx Interactive Voodoo2 chipset is a highly expandable architecture with a base configuration consisting of a 192-bit memory architecture and memory bandwidth of 2.2 GB. It contains a full-blown floating-point hardware triangle setup unit for maximum triangle throughput on Pentium II class systems. This configuration delivers an incredible 3 million triangles per second and 90 million dual-textured, bilinear-filtered, per-pixel MIP-mapped, alpha-blended, Z-buffered pixels per second; over three times the performance of the award-winning Voodoo Graphics chip set. Bump Mapping, texture modulation, anti-aliasing, texture compositing, and morphing are also supported.

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