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Hercules announces 3D Prophet II Ultra - 08/2000

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MONTREAL, AUGUST 14, 2000 - Hercules announces 3D Prophet II Ultra, the new top performer in their renowned 3D Prophet II family. Featuring the GeForce2 Ultra processor, the latest innovation from NVIDIA, this card is the ultimate solution for game addicts. 3D Prophet II Ultra will be available in September 2000 in the $500 (USD) range.

“Once again, Hercules partners with NVIDIA to offer hardcore gamers the fastest and most innovative 3D acceleration in the world”, says Claude Guillemot, President of Hercules. “ We know hardcore gamers love to push the limit of frame rates in their favorite games and Hercules continues to make this possible with the new 3D Prophet II Ultra. This new high-end card, which completes our award-winning 3D Prophet II series, means that every gamer will find a card in the 3D Prophet II family that fulfills his expectations and suits his budget.”

3D Prophet II Ultra Performance

3D performance addicts will be blown away by 3D Prophet II Ultra’s impressive specs. Featuring the GeForce2 Ultra chipset, the world’s fastest GPU from NVIDIA, 3D Prophet II Ultra is optimized to support the fastest DDR SDRAM memory available to gamers today. This new Hercules board features 64MB of RAM, a 250MHz core clock and memory clocked at an astonishing 460MHz. Its new architecture delivers a 1 billion pixel-per-second fill rate, 2 billion texels per second and an ultra high performance Transform & Lighting engine enabling an extraordinary 31 million polygons per second to be generated in the latest games.

In addition to these major performance evolutions, 3D Prophet II Ultra architecture provides all the best technical characteristics including: NVIDIA™ Shading Rasterizer (NSR), advanced texture compression, single pass multi-texturing, cube environment mapping, and AGP 4X with Fast Writes support.

Hercules' Winning 3D Prophet II Line Continues to Grow

3D Prophet II Ultra will complement the 3D Prophet II GTS 64MB ($419 USD) and 3D Prophet II GTS 32MB ($299 USD) in this highly-acclaimed line of graphic cards to continue to offer gamers the best in 3D acceleration. Each product features Hercules' unique design including individual RAM heatsinks and special cooling fans which, combined with the new Detonator3 drivers, will allow Hercules users to immediately experience up to 20% faster performance. The Detonator3 drivers make Digital Vibrance Control available to all 3D Prophet II GTS boards as well as offering free and rapid implementation of the latest 3D features and full enhancements for Direct3D and OpenGL applications.

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