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HyperCard is a slide/card based presentation suite created by Apple Computer.

HyperCard 1.2.5

HyperCard 2.2

Release Info

CUPERTINO, California--December 13, 1993--Apple Computer today introduced
HyperCard 2.2, a significant new version of its popular software tool that
enables users to easily create customized software solutions.  Version 2.2
represents dramatic increases in power, functionality and flexibility,
extending HyperCard's value to new and existing multimedia title producers,
educators, commercial solution providers and in-house developers.
    HyperCard 2.2 integrates a key Apple technology, AppleScript, which
enables users to automate repetitive tasks by launching, controlling and
exchanging data with existing applications.  HyperCard 2.2 also includes the
ColorTools for seamlessly adding color to stacks; WorldScript support for
creating multilingual solutions and a new "save as" option that creates
double-clickable applications which can be distributed without royalty fees. 
In addition, HyperCard 2.2 bundles ADDmotion II from Motion Works
International for easy creation and editing of animation.
    According to AppleSoft senior vice president and general manager, David
Nagel, "When HyperCard was launched in 1988 it delivered power and
flexibility that set a new standard for application development. Today, we
are extending that power and flexibility with a host of new features, making
HyperCard an even more strategic product for the multimedia, education and
in-house development markets."
    HyperCard is on over eight million Macintoshes worldwide and has been
lauded as a key Apple technology by educators and business users worldwide. 
The latest release of HyperCard extends customers' investments in their data
and provides valuable new features that significantly improve end-users'
experiences with stacks.
    "We are a two-person consulting firm specializing in on-line
documentation and multimedia development.  HyperCard's amazing power and
flexibility have enabled us to create our own custom applications which we
can fully integrate and modify as needed.  Furthermore, it is the glue that
allows us to integrate other applications such as Word, Persuasion and
Excel," said Katherine Horton, a HyperCard user at William Horton Consulting
in Huntsville, Ala.

AppleScript Functionality Now Built Into HyperCard
    With AppleScript now built in, HyperCard 2.2 provides a dramatic increase
in functionality to new and existing users.  It enables them to integrate
applications with HyperCard, providing much easier ways to manipulate and
present information from a wide range of applications.  Users can launch,
control and exchange data with a host of scriptable applications such as 4th
Dimension, MacWrite, FileMaker, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PhotoFlash,
QuarkXpress, and WordPerfect, along with over 75 others.  HyperCard supports
any Open Scripting Architecture (OSA)-compliant scripting language including
AppleScript, UserTalk from UserLand and CEScript from CE Software.
    "HyperCard 2.2 is an optimal choice for commercial solution providers. 
With AppleScript support, users can create even more powerful solutions by
extending the core functionality of HyperCard with off-the-shelf
applications," said Param Singh, HyperCard product marketing manager.  "With
the wide variety of scriptable applications available today, HyperCard users
can immediately create innovative applications to meet their individual
needs, while preserving the simplicity and ease-of-use of the HyperCard

Color/Media Integration
    HyperCard's new ColorTools enhance the useability and visual appeal of
existing and new solutions.  In addition to importing and resizing color PICT
graphics, users can select from a palette of 256 shades to color HyperCard
elements such as buttons, fields, cards and backgrounds.  HyperCard's
QuickTime tools allow users to incorporate movies into cards and stacks with
point and click simplicity.
    "The new release of HyperCard, especially with its open scripting and
color support, gives a wide range of Macintosh users access to incredible
programming power.  I am delighted with Apple's commitment to the product,
and expect to see new and existing users develop exciting new solutions for
themselves and the Macintosh community," said Danny Goodman, HyperCard user
and author of The Complete HyperCard 2.2 Handbook, coming in January 1994
from Random House Electronic Publishing.
    HyperCard continues to help multimedia authors differentiate their
product by providing comprehensive multimedia capabilities in one
environment.  With ADDmotion II, HyperCard 2.2 facilitates easy media, color
and sound editing to help users enhance the value of new and existing stacks.
 ADDmotion II is a 24-bit color paint, animation and sound extension that
integrates seamlessly into HyperCard and provides tools for controlling and
editing animations and sounds.
    HyperCard 2.2 is the premier solution for education.  With color and
QuickTime capabilities, HyperCard enables educators to create innovative,
compelling courseware while preserving ease-of-use for students.
    In addition, HyperCard 2.2 supports WorldScript, which makes it possible
to include different languages in a field or card to create powerful
multilingual solutions.  HyperCard users can script in several languages
including French and Japanese, using AppleScript dialects extensions.

Pricing and Availability
    The U.S. suggested retail price (SRP) for HyperCard 2.2 is $249.  As part
of a special limited time introductory promotion, Apple is offering HyperCard
2.2 for an U.S. SRP of $139.  Additionally, Apple will contact registered
users of HyperCard 2.0 or 2.1 to offer a full upgrade for $89.  Apple is also
offering a $39 upgrade to customers who have purchased Claris HyperCard 2.1
between November 1, 1993 and December 31, 1993.  For details, users should
contact the Apple Software Programs Customer Service at (800)-769-2775, ext.
7810. Volume purchases of site licenses are available for HyperCard 2.2
through the Apple volume licensing program.
    HyperCard 2.2 is planned to be available at the end of the month and will
be able to be ordered through software resellers, Apple authorized resellers
and APDA -- Apple's source for developer tools. APDA can be reached in the
United States at (800) 282-2732;  in Canada at (800) 637-0039; or
internationally at (716) 871-6555. Apple resellers can be located by calling
(800) 538-9696.
    All customers have access to toll-free telephone support by calling Apple
Assurance at (800) SOS-APPL.  Advanced scripting support is available for a
fee by calling (800) 950-2442.

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