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IRIX 6.5.7

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Software Enhancements Delivered by IRIX 6.5.7m

The IRIX 6.5.7 maintenance path delivers approximately 130 bug fixes that were customer reported. In addition to the bug fixes, the IRIX 6.5.7 maintenance path delivers several software enhancements and additional installation improvements. These changes are also available in the IRIX 6.5.7 feature path. Integration of the fsr_xfs(1M) command into the fsr(1M) command. With previous releases of IRIX, the fsr command could be run only on EFS filesystems and the fsr_xfs command could be run only on XFS filesystems. Both commands reorganize filesystems so that the layout of the extents is improved. This improves the performance of mounted filesystems that have become fragmented over time.

With this release, the fsr command invokes fsr_xfs when it encounters XFS filesystems. With this change, the default crontab(1M) entry that calls fsr, also reorganizes XFS filesystems. For information on the fsr command and the fsr_xfs and fsr_efs options, see the fsr(1M), fsr_xfs(1M), and fsr_efs(1M) man pages.

Support for the -u option of the sat_interpret utility that writes unbuffered output. You can use this new option if you are using the sat_interpret utility to process system audit trail data, and then you can pipe this output to another filter utility. For more information, see the sat_interpret(1M) man page.

Support for bzero error recovery; this RAS feature prevents the kernel from panicking when a memory Multiple Bit Error (MBE) is encountered while the kernel is zeroing out a new page in the virtual memory fault handler (vfault). The kernel will now discard the page with the memory error, grab a new page, and continue its task.

Support for the 66 MHz qLogic 2200 controller. This feature provides fibre channel disk connectivity for the SGI O2 systems, for both arbitrated loops and Storage Area Networks (SANs). This capability already exists on the SGI Origin systems.

Support for the FC-Tape on a Storage Area Network (fabric) using the qLogic 2200 fibre channel controller to the tpsc driver. This feature lets you attach tape drives with the fibre channel interface to the fibre channel switch and use these tape drives. For more information on the fibre channel tapes, see the tps(7M) man page.

Software Enhancements Delivered by IRIX 6.5.7f

IRIX 6.5.7f contains all enhancements delivered in 6.5.7m

Support for job limits. You can use this feature if you want to prevent individual users from exceeding specified usage limits; this can improve system throughput and utilization by restricting how much of the machine each user can access. For more information, see IRIX Admin: Resource Administration and the jstat(1), jlimit(1), genlimits(1M), and showlimits(1) man pages.

Caveats to Read Before You Upgrade

Users are reminded to review the special "Caveats to Read Before You Upgrade" section of the online Start Here document. Visit the the Caveat and Release Note Updates for any late-breaking information.

A late-breaking problem was discovered with the IRIX 6.5.7 release that affects NIS Servers.

If you are running your system as an NIS Server, patch 3890 must be installed after you update your system to either IRIX 6.5.7m or IRIX 6.5.7f.


"chkconfig | grep ypserv" 

to confirm that you are configured as an NIS Server. The result should be:

"ypserv on" To download patch 3890, look up the patch on Supportfolio.

If you are enrolled under a valid support contract, you can order the patch CD from the Software Updates link on Supportfolio (currently available only for domestic customers).

International customers and customers who do not have access to the Web can contact their local support organization to request the CD for patch 3890.

Installation instructions are contained in the Release Notes provided with the patch download and also on the patch CD.

Sendmail 8.9.3 Availability

Support for the IRIX sendmail mail system based on sendmail version 8.8.8, which is the version supplied on previous IRIX 6.5.x releases. Due to customer demand, the current release, which is sendmail version 8.9.3 (see, is supplied via patch 3865. SGI intends to support sendmail 8.9.3 (or above) as the standard released sendmail in a future IRIX release (tentatively planned for IRIX 6.5.9).

There are many differences between IRIX sendmail version 8.8.8 and version 8.9.3. Some of the new functions in version 8.9.3 are as follows:

The major difference between sendmail versions 8.8.8 and 8.9.3 is their configuration file. The configuration file in sendmail version 8.9.3 is configured with the file which is processed with the m4 macro processor to create the file. A new version of configmail configures the file and provides features similar to the configmail utility in previous versions of IRIX. This version of configmail also processes the file into by using the m4 macro processor. Sendmail 8.9.3 includes many new features requested by IRIX users, such as anti-relay features which can be used to control spam messages. For more information on the 8.9.3 version of sendmail, see the IRIX Administration: Networking and Mail manual provided with the patch. For more information on how to configure sendmail 8.9.3, see

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