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=New Hardware support in IRIX 6.5.8=
=New Hardware support in IRIX 6.5.8=

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New Hardware support in IRIX 6.5.8

Software enhancements delivered by IRIX 6.5.8m

  • Support for 32-bit direct mapping to any node on the system. This feature lets the system administrator change the 32-bit direct mapping node for a specific Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus. It also provides a new interface, pcibr_get_dmatrans_node(), that lets a device driver obtain the node ID. For more information, see the IRIX Device Driver Programmer's Guide and the pcibr_get_dmatrans_node(D3) man page.
  • Support for the cpuset programming interface (previously known as miser_cpuset). This interface is provided in the form of a Dynamic Shared Object (DSO). You can use this programming interface to create cpusets, remove cpusets, and attach processes to cpusets. You can use the cpuset programming interface in areas where the cpuset command is inappropriate.

For example, if a batch system needs to use the cpuset capability in IRIX, the programming interface will provide a more flexible and robust solution than the cpuset command. For more information, see IRIX Admin: Resource Administration and the IRIX 6.5.8 StartHere document for a list of associated man page references.

  • Support for new Miser cpuset options. These options allow the creation of restrictive memory pools from the nodes that contain the CPUs listed in the configuration file. Processes that exceed the available memory on those nodes may be terminated or paged (selectable). For more information on these options, see the cpuset(4) man page.

Support for the IRIX sendmail mail system based on sendmail version 8.8.8, which is the version supplied on previous IRIX 6.5.x releases. Due to customer demand, the current release, which is sendmail version 8.9.3 (see, is supplied via patch 3937. SGI intends to support sendmail 8.9.3 (or above) as the standard released sendmail in a future IRIX release (tentatively planned for IRIX 6.5.9).

Software enhancements delivered by IRIX 6.5.8f

IRIX 6.5.8f contains all enhancements delivered in 6.5.8m

  • Support for Comprehensive System Accounting (CSA). CSA is a set of user and administrative C programs and shell scripts that provide methods to collect per-process resource usage data, monitor disk usage, and charge fees to specific login accounts. CSA uses this per-process accounting information and combines it by job identifier within the system boot uptime periods. CSA provides the following features that are not available with any other IRIX accounting package:
  • Per-job accounting
  • Daemon accounting (tape and Network Queuing System (NQS))
  • Flexible accounting periods (daily and periodic accounting reports can be generated as often as desired and not restricted to once per day or once per month)
  • Flexible system billing units (SBUs)
  • User exits for site specific customization of daily and periodic accounting
  • Configurable parameters within the /etc/csa.conf file
  • User job accounting (ja command)

Next release

IRIX 6.5.9

Previous release

IRIX 6.5.7