IXMICRO Accelerates World's Fastest Personal Computer - 08/1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. August 26, 1997 - IXMICRO is working with Apple to provide record- setting performance for professional graphics designers. IXMICRO's award-winning TwinTurbo 128M8 accelerator is bundled with Apple's Power Macintosh 9600/300 and 9600/350, the world's fastest personal computer. Together with IXMICRO, Apple's 9600/300 and 350 deliver premium performance to demanding graphics professionals. This system is available now for immediate shipment through authorized Apple resellers.

IXMICRO, like Apple, offers high-end products to meet the needs of graphics and design professionals. Engineered to meet Apple's rigorous specifications for the Power Macintosh 9600/350, the TwinTurbo 128M8A provides the fastest graphics processing available. The new Power Macintosh offers the computing power necessary for efficiently running the most sophisticated graphics applications. The new system will most benefit publishers, Internet and multimedia authors, CAD users, engineers and designers.

The TwinTurbo 128M8 utilizes the most advanced VLSI technology, wide 128-bit memory architecture, ultra-fast 32-bit PCI bus interface, second generation TwinTurbo 128 Plus graphics accelerator chip and 8MB of EDO VRAM. One of the fastest accelerators ever bench marked by MacBench 4.0, IXMICRO's TwinTurbo cards are consistently called on by the top Macintosh system providers, Apple, Motorola, Power Computing and Umax to provide increased speed and functionality for graphics-intensive applications.

"Our customers require the most advanced technology," says Kendall Luck, Power Macintosh Product Manager, Apple Computer Inc. "IXMICRO's TwinTurbo 128M8A accelerator allows us to reinforce our position at the forefront of the professional design market."

"Apple's dominating presence among graphics professionals is indisputable," says Christopher Knight, vice president of graphics marketing at IXMICRO. "The TwinTurbo 128M8A provides the added graphics performance professional users demand."

Apple's new Power Macintosh features the fast next-generation PowerPC 604e processor, running at as much as 350 MHZ and includes new Mac OS 8 operating software. Nearly twice as fast as Apple's 1996 high-end system the 9600/350 nearly doubles the speed of the fastest Pentium II system available today.

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