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Infogrames Entertainment was founded in 1983 by Bruno Bonnell, Christophe Sapet and Thomas Schmider with the vision of becoming the premier provider of interactive entertainment software. This vision is built upon the belief that Infogrames will transport all of its customers into a new world of entertainment through the power of imagination, innovation and the energy of its people. Today, the company proudly ranks as one of the world's top ten publishers of interactive entertainment software with a catalogue of over 1,000 titles and a direct-sales and third-party distribution network covering over 57 countries.

Headquartered in Lyon, France, Infogrames is Europe's biggest and most successful entertainment software publisher. Infogrames has offices in dozens of countries around the world and over the past year has gained a presence in the North American market as well. Subsequent to the close of the fiscal year on June 30, 1999, the company completed a transaction to acquire a 70% equity interest in GT Interactive Software (now known as Infogrames, Inc.). As a consequence of this development Infogrames has established a major presence in the North American market place and transformed itself into a global leader. In the coming years, Infogrames will add the Japanese market to its growing global presence as it begins preparation to open a new office in Japan.

Infogrames currently develops and distributes award-winning computer and video games for PlayStation game console, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo® 64, Nintendo® Game Boy Color, Sega Dreamcast, and personal computer platforms. The company's 17-year history has produced many award-winning franchises, such as Test Drive, Independence War, Hardball, V-Rally, and Alone In The Dark. Other notable franchises in today's Infogrames lineup include Driver, Unreal and Deer Hunter. With over 60 titles in development in the year 2000, Infogrames plans to create many exciting new franchises for the new millennium.

The company is also known for its long list of well-known licenses spanning cars, movies, cartoons, athletes, sports leagues, and more. Some of Infogrames' key licenses include Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes, Mission Impossible, Le Mans, AM General's Hummer®, Harley Davidson, and Dodge Viper.

Infogrames has always been in the business of creating new worlds. Whether real or imaginary, these worlds have been brought to life through the experience of video gaming, creating a billion-dollar pastime for every age. Creative and management resources, together with the company's size, scope and vision, have established Infogrames as a leading video game publisher and developer with the ability to communicate a single vision in markets across the globe.

Entertainment is the key to Infogrames' products, but a big part of Infogrames' philosophy is that all of the company's games should give something more to the consumer. Our products are about growth and reward as well as entertainment. The best games are designed to facilitate growth in the person who is playing, whether that growth is hand-eye coordination, logic skills or simply a sense of wonder and inspiration, it should be integral within the game.

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