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Install New Icons

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For each .fti icon file you will need a corresponding .ftr file. These ftr files should go in /usr/lib/filetype/install/ and the fti files should go in /usr/lib/filetype/install/iconlib/. Here is my firefox ftr for example:

TYPE firefoxExecutable
   SUPERTYPE Executable
   MATCH tag == 770069;
   LEGEND web browser
   CMD OPEN      /usr/nekoware/bin/firefox
   CMD DROP       /usr/nekoware/bin/firefox $SELECTED
   ICON           {
                  if (opened) {
                  } else {

Notes on the FTR example:

Obviously replace the firefox part of "firefoxExecutable" with the correct name for a given app. If it were a script instead of an executable you'd write that instead.

Supertype: Either executable or script

Match tag numbers: First go to the directory of the executable/script that you want to give an icon, and check to see if it has a match number already. Use the command tag -q myapp to do this. Usually developers are supposed to tag their stuff and you should not use a number that has already been taken by another program, but it's not like there are a ton of apps on IRIX, and the chances of picking a random number that has already been used is small. I used "tag 770069 firefox" to give firefox that match number as you can see. Also make sure not to forget this guy at the end of the number ---> ;

Legend: what you type here is the description you get when you right-click > Get Info. A short description of the program.

The last part of the .ftr is self-explanatory. This is a bare-bones ftr, they can have more funtionality besides drag & drop added to them.

Wrapping it up

Once you have your fti & ftr files in place change directory to /usr/lib/filetype and make sure you're a super user (type su, and then give root password). Enter "make -u". After it has finished doing its thing, log out and then log back in.

If everything was setup correctly your programs should now have shiny new icons. :)

Courtesy of DaJuice.