Instructions to Convert IBM PCjr Color Monitor to Standard DB9 Connector

       Instructions to Convert IBM PCjr Color Monitor
                 to Standard DB 9 Connector
Pin out for the IBM PCjr Color Monitor cable is:
A1    EMPTY              -Vertical Sync
A2    Violet             Logic Ground
A3    EMPTY              -Horizontal Sync
A4    Dark Blue          Blue (color)
A5    Dark Red           Red (color)
A6    Orange             Intensity
A7    Green              Green (color)
A8    EMPTY              Composite Sync
A9    Gray Shielded      Audio (white audio - high)
B1    Yellow             +Vertical Sync
B2    EMPTY              Logic Ground
B3    Brown              +Horizontal Sync
B4    Lt.Red & Clear     Reserved
B5    Lt.Blue            Logic Ground
      Black         &
B8    Shield from A9     Audio (shielded ground)
B9    Bare Wire          Shielded Ground
      (Braided down entire cable)
Refer to pages 2-82, 3-83, 3-93, and B-29 in the IBM PCjr
Technical Reference Manual. Please note that on page 3-83,
the view is from the rear of the connector. The pictorial
appears to be viewing from the front. Please note: The
schematic for the IBM Color Display on page B-29 is NOT the
IBM PCjr Color Monitor. It is the IBM Color Display. There is
a difference! This is just for reference.
Cut the end of the cable off the IBM PCjr Monitor. Carefully
remove the outer insulation and pre-tin these wires:
Lt. Blue, Black, Lt. Grey, Dk. Red, Green, Dk.  Blue, Orange,
Brown, and Yellow. Tin the outer braided jacket close to the
cable. Cut the braided wire close to the cable, leaving about
1/4". Solder a short length of insulated wire to it. This is
to keep the large braided cable from causing shorts in the
connector. You will have four wire that you do not connect.
These are a Grey shielded Audio cable, a Lt. Red or Pink
wire, a Violet or Purple wire, and a Clear wire. Fold the
four wires back along the cable and place a piece of heat
shrink tubing on them.

Purchase a DB-9 Male plug with a shielded hood. Solder the
wires as follows:
DB-9 Male      Color of the PCjr Monitor cable     From
1              Bare wire or shielded jacket         B9
2              Lt. Blue, Black, & Lt. Grey          B5
3              Dk. Red                              A5
4              Green                                A7
5              Dk. Blue                             A4
6              Orange                               A6
7              No Connection
8              Brown                                B3
9              Yellow                               B1
Place the hood on the DB-9 connector. You are now ready to
test the monitor. No warranty is given to these instructions.
This has been done to 3 IBM PCjr monitors with success. 

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