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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

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IRC, Internet Relay Chat, is a real-time conversational system.

It is similar to the talk command which is available on many machines in the Internet. IRC does everything talk does, but it allows more than 2 users to talk at once, with access throughout the global Internet, It also provides many other useful features.

IRC is networked over much of North America, Europe, and Asia. When you are talking in IRC, everything you type will instantly be transmitted around the world to other users who are connected at the time. They can then type something and respond to your messages.

Topics of discussion on IRC are varied. Technical and political discussions are popular, especially when world events are in progress. IRC is also a way to expand your horizons, as people from many countries and cultures are on, 24 hours a day. Most conversations are in English, but there are always channels in German, Japanese, and Finnish, and occasionally other languages.

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