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Storage company founded in 1980 and later acquired by EMC.

Iomega Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets innovative data storage solutions that help personal computer users "manage their stuff"--anywhere. The Company was established in 1980 with the introduction of the Bernoulli removable storage drive and media, and has been public since 1983.

Following extensive market research, Iomega announced in 1995 two completely new categories of information storage solutions: the Zip and Jaz drives. Both were met with enthusiastic reviews, winning numerous awards from industry publications and trade groups. Iomega also strengthened its offerings in Ditto tape backup devices, and is now the third largest supplier of such systems in the world, and the leading supplier in Europe.

In 1994, we changed our focus from being a technology corporation focused on speeds and feeds to an outwardly-focused, customer-driven company whose goal is simply to "help people manage their stuff." You see, people used to be faced with storage devices that were slow, non-portable, limited-capacity, and pretty darn expensive. They wanted real solutions for the real ways they used their personal stuff. So in 1995, we responded with the Zip drive, the Jaz drive, and the family of Ditto tape backup drives.

Seems Iomega Personal Storage Solutions hit the mark. They've been written up in all the industry publications. Not to mention the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, even Vogue Magazine. (See our News Releases and Awards & Recognition for all the details.) But most important, they've been a hit with the users. We shipped about one million Zip drives in less than 11 months. We're now at about three million personal storage drives—and still counting. (Record numbers like that put us right in league with best-sellers like Apple's Power Mac and the RCA Digital Satellite System. Not too shabby company, if you ask us.)