LinkExchange Makes Impressions at Internet Expo '97 - 02/1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Feb. 20, 1997 - LinkExchange, the web's first and largest banner exchange network, celebrated its unparalleled 85,000 sites and four million daily advertising impressions by joining with more than 300 corporate and independent webmasters on the main floor at Internet Expo '97.

Clad in bright blue LinkExchange T-shirts, the sea of LinkExchange members converged on Booth 100 to meet the LinkExchange founders and vie for almost two million ad impressions given away by LinkExchange.

"LinkExchange is a cooperative community of independent and corporate websites, making up the world's largest online advertising network," said Sanjay Madan, co-founder and president of the network. "LinkExchange enables small and large businesses to promote themselves on up to 85,000 unique websites."

LinkExchange members receive free advertising on other members' websites in exchange for allowing selective advertising on their own sites. In return for membership, LinkExchange retains a part of the total ad inventory to advertise itself and to sell to its sponsors.

"LinkExchange has opened up banner advertising to small business owners and individual webmasters who were previously unable to afford the web's vast advertising capabilities," said Tony Hsieh, co-founder and executive vice president. "The community spirit and support for this opportunity is evident by the number of real webmasters and marketers who showed up today in LinkExchange T-shirts."

Madan and Hsieh, along with VP of business development Ali Partovi, are graduates of Harvard University; they represent the latest wave of web entrepreneurs who bring more than just technical savvy to the net. Based in San Francisco, independently owned LinkExchange was launched on March 27, 1996, as an innovation in online advertising. The LinkExchange founders envisioned an advertising network which would help both small and large websites grow through advertising exposure. By offering a compelling service, reliable ad delivery, and quick and friendly customer support, LinkExchange has set the standard for running a large, professional advertising network.