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Lucent Technologies Internet Directory Server

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A high-capacity, reliable server for large directory databases. Native support for LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Version 3 with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for encrypted, validated communication between the server and the browser. Server design makes it nearly impossible for outsiders to steal passwords, impersonate other users or change information on Internet directories. LDAP is an open standard that makes Internet directories easily accessible, eliminating duplication by storing data in one location rather than in several areas. Holds data such as e-mail addresses and subscriber preferences; allows service providers to quickly and economically deploy reliable directory services such as electronic yellow or white pages, and personalized navigation services, such as virtual bookmarks for Internet users. Server also works with Internet Telephony Server-SP for voice-over-the-Internet service. Handles more than five million entries and accommodates 200 queries and ten updates per second. Has online back-up, fault detection, and built-in recovery to maintain integrity of directory data.