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* [[The Art Lesson]]
* [[The Art Lesson]]
* [[Odell Down Under]]
* [[Odell Down Under]]
* [[Super Munchers]]
=See Also=
=See Also=

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MECC (Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation), a division of SoftKey International (now part of The Learning Company), is a leading producer of educational software in the United States. For more than 20 years, MECC has developed high-quality educational software for kids of all ages to meet their needs wherever they learn -- at home or at school. MECC educational software is researched and kid-tested to provide exciting learning adventures. MECC products for Macintosh, Windows, MS-DOS, and Apple II have earned more than 100 awards and notices of recognition from leading publications and organizations in the software industry.

MECC believes in the transforming power of learning. Therefore, we seek to create learning opportunities for children that are fun and to provide teachers and parents with products that use technology to enhance learning. MECC products take a child-centered approach, celebrating the uniqueness of individual children and cultivating their talents. Our software helps children to combine learning with imagination.

MECC was founded by the State of Minnesota in 1973 to provide mainframe computer time-sharing service to Minnesota schools and to promote the use of computers in education. After identifying the need for schools to obtain high-quality software at cost-effective prices, MECC designed the first software Membership program in 1980. As a result, schools nationwide began buying MECC products and services. In 1985, MECC became a public corporation, wholly owned by the State of Minnesota. As the next step in the plan to make MECC a fully independent entity, in January 1991, the company was purchased by North American Fund II, a specialty acquisition fund committed to the growth of companies with high potential. In March 1994, MECC became a public corporation. Two years later it was purchased by SoftKey International, and is now an important part of the largest educational software company in the world.

Since it first offered home software in 1985, MECC now has more than 20 home software products available for Macintosh - and MS-DOS - & Windows-compatible computers in disk-based and CD-ROM formats. Recent product announcements include the following titles for home and school: Oregon Trail II; Africa Trail; MayaQuest; Opening Night; and Math Munchers Deluxe. All of these titles are designed for Windows 95.

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