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Mac-FTP-list v4.2.1

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Archived for historical purposes.

Subject: Mac-FTP-list, Version 4.2.1
From: [email protected] (Bruce Grubb)

Here's Version 4.2.1 (Jan 2, 1997)

The Mac-FTP-list lists over 200 mac anonymous ftp sites (some with notes),
over 65 Mac web pages, and contains some instructions on how to use anonymous
ftp and find files as well a format chart showing which programs decompress
and decode which files.  Also there is a section on how to use certain files.

To Mike Gleason for the original Mac-FTP-list and giving me permission to
continue it.
To Tim Jones, [email protected], and Robert C. Best III (author of the
excellent HTML editors, World Wide Web Weaver and HTML Web Weaver Lite) 
for the work that made the HTML verison of the Mac FTP list possible.  HTML
Web Weaver is available at any good info-mac mirror in the /comm/html/

World Wide Web providers take note: The html version of the mac-ftp-list 
is composed of four crosslinked files which CANNOT be renamed:
mac-ftp-list.html, ftp-list.html, www-section.html, and site-notes.html.

Changes:  format chart,, and shadowmac note updated; moved to; Html list completely dual linked;

Added sites/URLs:;;;;

Defunct sites/URLs:;;;;;;;;;;

Note:  Mike Gleason no longer supports this list and has given me his kind
permission to continue it.

Revisions posted monthly to the USENET newsgroups comp.sys.mac.comm,
comp.sys.mac.misc, comp.sys.mac.apps, and


.hqx files {Info-Mac},, and their
     mirrors and
     Compressed version is an .hqx file which contains a text
     version of the Mac-FTP-list.
.txt file
     Format chart section; format-chart-117.txt, same sites as .hqx file.

Must be in a monospaced font such as Monaco 9pt, Courier 10pt, or PC
equivalent to be readable.

Copyright 1996 by Bruce Grubb with document concept and portions of its text
Copyright 1991 by Mike Gleason. May be freely distributed and archived.
Please send newly discovered macintosh sites (with IP numbers and directories
to check if possible), bug fixes, and comments to:
  Internet: [email protected] or [email protected]
  AOL: BruceG6069

For folks new to ftp
The first column of stuff in the data below is the site name.  Usually you 
can either type in the URL ftp://sitename/file/pathway/ on a Web browser or
run ftp from a unix shell account and type open and then the site name.  But
some computers don't like the names (or don't have all of them) and prefer 
the next column of stuff, the IP addresses.  If you try either method with 
the IP number and it doesn't bite, it isn't gonna work.
To allow the best chance to connect to a site almost all of HTML version's
link are both names and IP#.  The main exceptions are 'dymatic addressing' and
limited access sites.

Most mac ftp sites have encoded their files with BinHex 4.0 which end in the
suffix ".hqx". To decode these files, you can just download them to your mac
and use Stuffit Expander to decode and expand them, reguardless of whether
they are Stuffit (.sit) or Compact Pro (.cpt).  This is much better than in
the old days when you had to download a file to your mac, use Compact Pro or
Stuffit to decode it, and THEN, figure which program you needed use to
decompress it.

In days long past one had to have a unix shell account to use FTP.  Today
there are a whole host of options available - from commercial services 
such as CompuServe and AOL to local and national ISPs. In addition there 
are dozens of communication programs for the Macintosh that that make using 
Telnet and FTP much easier now than years ago.  A list of such programs 
can be found at both Joel Klecker's (formally David L. Oppenheimer's)
excellent _comp.sys.mac.comm FAQ_ <http://www.cis.ohio-> and 
at The Mac Orchard web page <>. 
Most of these programs are also in the subdirectories of /info-mac/comm/ on
many info-mac mirrors.

On a unix shell account, ftp prompts you for a username and password; you
send "anonymous" as the username, and your email address as the password. 
Most browsers will do this automatically if they have been set up properly.  
For the few that don't or can't try doing your URLs in this manner -
ftp://anonymous:[email protected]/  For Mike Gleason email_address 
would be [email protected] and for me it would be [email protected]
I should mention that browsers make poor FTP clients and can generate "This
FTP server does not support passive mode" on the sites with the 'DM' note. 
Also there are a few sites that use non-standard names (with spaces or non-
printable [>ascii 127] characters) which can create problems for both unix
shell accounts and browsers.  It is better to use something like Anarchie or
Fetch for ftp either of which avoids this problem.

Here's a sample unix shell account ftp session:
% ftp
ftp> open
Connected to
220 FTP server (...) ready.
Name ( anonymous
331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.
Password ( [email protected]
230-  If your FTP client crashes or hangs shortly after login please try
230-  using a dash (-) as the first character of your password.  This will
230-  turn off the informational messages that may be confusing your FTP
230-  client.
230-  You are user number 221 out of a possible 225.
230-  All transfers to and from wuarchive are logged.  If you don't like
230-  this then disconnect now!
ftp> cd systems/mac/
ftp> get ./info-mac/help/recent-files.txt Info-MacRecentFiles
ftp> get ./ umichRecentFiles
ftp> get ./info-mac/game/cumulonimbus.hqx cn.hqx
ftp> quit
% sz cn.hqx

Keep in mind that some sites may disenable the anonymous login for a while: 
during certain hours of the day, for maintainance reasons, or because of too
much heavy traffic.  Most will tell you the reason for refusing anonymous
login, but a few will say nothing more than "User anonymous unknown" or
"connection refused". Keep this in mind when a site on this list results in
either of these responses.

Power User Notes:
If you want to read a file on a remote site, but don't want download it, and
are not using a WWW browser, quit ftp, page the file, then restart ftp, try
"get myfile.txt -" and ftp will dump the file to your terminal.  Also exploit
ftp's pipe and shell abilities, like "get myfile.txt |more" will do the same
as above, except using "more" to page the file.  On the other hand, Web
browsers can read these files on-line without all this hand waving.

If you need to know the IP address of an ftp site, a common unix program
called "nslookup" can help.  With some versions, "nslookup"
would spit out ""  Doing the reverse is dependent on how your 
site is set up.  Some sites require reversing the address and using the domain with the lookup type set to "ANY", while others can 
use the address as written.  There is now a Mac version of this program 
called DNS lookup.

Most files you'll get off ftp are in binhex (.hqx) format.  Since almost all
present modems support V.42bis and MNP5 compression (4:1 and 2:1 respectivly)
it has actually become faster to download them to your machine and THEN decode
them.  The reason is simple; text files like .hqx, .uu, and .txt can be
compressed allowing the modem to increase throughput for these files by 50% to
100%.  Already compressed files like .bin, .sit, and .pit receive little if
any benefit from V.42bis and MNP5.   This results in .hqx files being
downloaded as fast or faster than .bin files.   This combined with background
decoding/decompression (like StuffIt Expander) and Web browsers has effectivly
rendered downloading .hqx to an unix box and decoding it there obsolete.

Here's a handy chart to keep track which programs unmangle which formats:
                                                     unix  gzip  .uu/ .b64/
Macintosh         .cpt .sit .hqx .bin .arc .zip .tar  .Z  .gz/.z .uue .mime*
Stuffit Expander**  D    D    D    D
 w/ DSEE**          D    X    X    D    D    D    D    D     D     D
ShrinkWrap 2.1.0*^  D    D    D    D    D    D    D    D     D     D
StuffIt Lite***     D    X    X    X    {see note below}
StuffIt Deluxe***   D    X    X    X    D    D    X    X     D     X
SITcomm             D    X    X    X    D    D    X    X           X
ArcMac                                  X
BinHex 5.0                    D    X
Compact Pro 1.5.1   X   D/N   X
Decoder                                                            D    D
Extractor 1.2.1     D   D/N   D
HQXer 1.1                     X
MacCompress                                            X
MacGzip                                                D     X
MPack 1.5.1                   D                                    D    X
SunTar 2.1.0                  X    X              X                X
Tar 4.0b                                          X
UU Lite                                                            X
uucd 2.4.4                                                         X    D
UUTool                                                             X
YA-Base64 1.2.9                    D                               D    D
ZipIt 1.3.5                   D    D         X

Other                                                unix  gzip  .uu/ .b64/
computers         .cpt .sit .hqx .bin .arc .zip .tar  .Z  .gz/.z .uue .mime*
binhex.exe                    X
binhex-pc-13                  X
extrac.exe          D
macutil (unix)
 hexbin                       D                                    D
 macunpack          D   D/U                            D           D
mcvert (unix)                 X    X
MPack                         D                                    D    X
PKZIP                                        X
SITEX10.EXE (win)        D    D    D    D    D               D     D
unsitins.exe             D
xferp110 (win)                X                                    X    X

N = Cannot decode .sit dlx {Type SITD} files
D = Decode only
X = Encode and decode
U = Uncertain or Unknown

.sit refers to both 1.5 and dlx. Otherwise a '/' is used {1.5/dlx}.
.hqx = BinHex4; .bin = MacBinary (BinHex5)
Note: Almost every Mac communications program can decode .bin files.

*   .b64/.mime (Base 64) refers to the encoding format used by the 
    Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.  For more information consult
    the MIME FAQ. <http://www.cis.ohio->.
**  DropStuff with Expander Enhancer is an $30 shareware addon for Stuffit
    Expander.  DSEE is also used by other programs {marked with a *^} 
    to expand files.  Current versions are 4.0 and 4.0.2b2 respectively as 
    of this writing.
*** Stuffit Deluxe 3.5 translators could be used with Stuffit Lite.
    Current versions are 4.0.1 and 3.5.0 respectively as of this writing.

Other formats
     PC format common to European sites. Decoded by unArjMac, DeArj, and
     SITEX10.EXE (win).
     Disk Doubler {Mac} format. Decoded by DDExpand and DiskDoubler.
     DOS/Windows executable file (program); also used to create
     self-extracting archives. An .exe file used as a self-extracting
     archive can usually be decompressed with Stuffit Expander w/ DSEE.
.html (.htm)
     WWW document. Used by WWW browsers such as Netscape and lynx.
     Mac disk image. Decoded and/or mounted by DiskCopy, Disk Image Mounter, 
     Disk Charmer, ImageMaster, and ShrinkWrap.
     Microsoft Disk Image Utility and Winimage formats, respectivly. Decoded
     and/or mounted by ShrinkWrap. Note that .img is also used as an graphic
     file extension and needs GraphicConverter to view.
     old PC/Amiga format, replaced by .arc and .zip; decoded by macunpack,
     MacLHA, and French KISS 2.1.1.
     old {~1989} Mac compression format created by PackIt programs, replaced
     by .sit. In general, a program that handles .sit files can decode .pit
     files as well.
     AppleLink package format, replaced by .sit. Decoded by all present Mac
     StuffIt programs.
     Mac format, decompresses itself and needs no external programs.
     Unix shell archive. Decoded by Unshar.
     another name for .tar.Z
     another name for .tar.z and .tar.gz {do not confuse with .tar.Z}.
     ASCII text file. Other suffixes include .abs and .doc.
     Early {~1993} suffix for Gzip files. Due to confusion with the UNIX
     'compress' suffix {.Z} it was abandoned in favor of the .gz suffix.
     old {~1989} PC/Amiga format, replaced by .arc. Decoded by MacZoo and
CAUTION: While Gzip is aimed at replacing the .Z format, they are 
_different_ unix compression formats, and the suffixes are NOT inchangable.  
Many sites now support on-the-fly translation of these formats; just type in
the file name minus the .Z or .gz suffix.

WARNING: .hqx, .txt, and .uu files are the ONLY files that can be downloaded
in ASCII mode; all others must be downloaded in BINARY {IMAGE} mode for the
file to decompress properly.  This is especially true of ".bin" and
"unstuffed" files.  Otherwise you will get errors like "unreadable file" or
"file is corrupt" when you try to decompress them.

If you need further information please check out the comp.compression FAQ
or David Lemson's compression chart at

Finding files and programs
If you are looking for a specific mac file or program you will want to use 
one or more of the many databases or search engines available some of which
are listed in the Web section.  Since I only keep track of sites I have no
idea where individual files are located, which is why I have included lists 
of archie sites and Web search engines.  Please note that database 
information is not always up-to-date and files and sites listed may no 
longer exist.

Using files
Here are some tips if you have downloaded a file and are not sure how to open
it.  First, do NOT ask people what program opens the file.  Odds are that no
one will know how to deal with the file.

The reason is that DOS's three letter extension allows 26^3 or 17,576 possible
file formats.  The Mac is even more of a nightmare with -two- four letter tags
each one allowing 250^4 or 3,906,250,000 different possible combinations.  So,
on the Mac not only does one have over -3 billion- possible formats to choose
from but also 3 billion possible -programs- to choose from.  Compounding the
problem is the fact that certain three letter extensions can really be any one
of several different formats and in DOS people create their own three letter

The best thing to do is to try and see if there is any way to figure out 
what -broad- type of file it is: Word Processor, picture, sound, or movie.

Word Processor
     RealView 2.2 (/info-mac/text/) will read most of these out there;
     Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) or a commerical Word Processor such as
     MS Word or WordPerfect for the rest.
     GraphicConverter (Shareware, $30-$35, /info-mac/gst/grf/, is one of the most powerful
     shareware graphic programs for the Mac, able to view, create,
     and edit over 77 different graphic formats including .gif,
     .png, and .jpeg. But even it cannot view Photoshop, Canvas, Pixel
     Paint, or .cel formats.
Sound files
     Sound App 2.2.0 (Freeware, /info-mac/gst/snd/) will play most sound
     formats out there including .mod, .wav, .au, and .aiff.
Movie files
     Sparkle 2.4.5 (/info-mac/gst/mov/) for QT and .mov formats; MS
     Internet Explorer allows viewing of most .avi formats.
Other files
     Hopefully there is a document file that tells you what is needed
     otherwise it is pretty much a lost cause.

These sites have many mac files, and are still getting new ones:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------   /pub/mac/                        1        /pub/mac/         /pub/mac/ [IM mirror+] /pub/                            2         limited access, See Note         3        /pub/mac/                        4      /News/comp.binaries.mac/         5  /mac/                            6    /micros/mac/                     7      /info-mac/ {see note}            8

Apple's support, seeding, and development sites:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------     /Apple.Support.Area/         /dts/                            9   /pub/                          A-W     /Apple.Support.Area/            10    /pub/ {Mac Common LISP}        A-W     /Apple.Support.Area/           A-W    /Apple.Support.Area/    /Apple.Support.Area/   /Apple.Support.Area/      /pub/apple_sw_updates/          11      /pub/ {New files/programs only}
research     /pub/ (programming)      /ess/public/ (Apple OS tools)    /abs/ /pub/ (apple, MAE)       A-W

These sites are home to a few specific file(s) or file types:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- /software/mac/ (Mathematics)    12      /pub/trinkle/ (mac32.tar.Z)   /pub/mac/ (MacMul, GraphMu)    /pub/ (gopher, POPmail, more)   / (tn3270, term, lpr)   /pub/apple2/ (][+ emulator)     /pub/VHDL-Cookbook/     /WaveMetrics/ (Igor)  /pub/disinfectant/ (Disinf HQ)  13         /pub/adobe/ (Abobe)    /Public/ (EtherPeek, LocalPeek) DM /pub/ (Aladdin)                 14   /pub/ (Ambrosia)  /pub/ (bbedit)                  DM     /pub/misc/ (Berkeley Systems)      /pub/ (GatorBox stuff)   /Mac-Develop/     /microlib/mac/ (Gatekeeper HQ)  15    /pub/pov-ray/ (PoV-Ray)  /TopSoft/     /pub/ (OpenDoc Developer Info)       /pub/USA-Macintosh/ (Claris)       /pub/ [Corel]  /mac/ (WordPerfect)          /pub/minix/macintosh/ (MacMinix)    /pub/jwang/ (compatibility/AV info)   /pub/mac/ (Dartmouth XCMDs, etc)    /pub/software/mac/       /pub/org/r/ravensys/     /pub/farallon_products/mac/  /pub/software/ (communications)        /pub/chuck/  (Chassis, sample code)           /pub/ada/gw-adaed/mac/
                                           (Ada compiler)         /pub/ (HP)          /pub1/macintosh/ /pub/Cabri/    16     /InterCon/sales/Mac/    /pub/mac/ (Microphone)     /pub/mac/MkLinux/     /pub/                           17      /pub/markspace/   /Softlib/MSLFILES/    /Server/pub/  (FidoNet)         DM    /Mac/ (NCSA Telnet, etc)        18        /pub/NetBSD/ (BSD UNIX)       /pub/ca/carnation/              DM       /pub/jo/johnneil/               DM       /pub/se/seaquest/ (comm)        DM       /pub/us/userland/               DM        /pub/ (Novell)         /pub/mac/ (Internet)      /pub/ (PoV-Ray)    /pub/mac/ (TransSkel & misc)    19    /mac/        /pub/radius/software/mac/       DM        /pub/lumina1/    /RasterPub/ (rasterops)     / (scripting)  /pub/ (sonicsys)     /pub/ (network, French versions)     /pub/       /pub/macpsych/ (psychology)      /pub/mac/ (supra modem)      /public/ (Symantec)          /cpid/bbs/ (Tektronix)   /pub/OzTeX/        /pub/newton/     /mac/ (Mews)            /languages/abc/ (ABC prog lang) 20      /pub/mac/ (Internet communications)   /pub/navigator/        /pub/software/ (Geometry)    /dist/pari/mac/ (pari/Math)   /pub/users/mauisw/ (TimeTracker)      /pub/chess/Macintosh/ (chess)           /mac/think-c/                   21    /pub/mac/ (SingleShare,NewsView)             /pub/misc/macmime/ [unix]    /pub/NH3.1/ (NetHack archive list)     Special (alias) /pub/ (Mathematica)        /mac/ (CAP, Multigate stuff)    22      /entrez/                        23     /Oberon/MacII/, /XYZ/ (MacOberon)     /mma/ (Mathematica)   /pub/NetBSD/ (BSD UNIX utils)  /pub/mac/ (RevRdist)    /Others/ (Western AU authors) /pub/network/ (NetWork) /incoming/MacMiNT/      /pub/academic/medicine/mac-medical/     /pub/mac/ (Internet)   /pub/mac/ (Geology)   /pub/nih-image/ (NIH-Image)

These sites are shadow/mirror archives (the same stuff) of something else:
(Key: IM = info-mac, UM = umich)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------            /mac/ [IM, UM]        /Info-Mac/, /umich/    /pub/info-mac/    /mac/info-mac/      /pub/mac/ [collection]    /pub/mac/           /pub/info-mac/         /pub/bbs-in-a-box/
                     /pub/contrib/aladdin/          14      /pub/mirrors/info-mac/     /pub/mac/       /pub/mac/info-mac/       /pub/mac/info-mac/      /.12/mac/ [UM, MacSciTech]    /info-mac/    /pub/mac/    /pub/software/mac/   /pub/mac/info-mac/       /pub/info-mac/           /Macintosh/info-mac/          /Mac/ [IM, UM]     /pub/mac/info-mac/               W     /pub/miroirs/info-mac/       /mirrors/info-mac/    /pub/mirror/info-mac/            /pub/mac/info-mac/          /pub/mac/info-mac/      /pub/info-mac/       /pub/mac/info-mac/          /pub/mac/info-mac/              /pub/info-mac/
                      /pub/Mac/Merit.mirror/         /info-mac/     /info-mac/ /umich/      /mirror/info-mac/         /pub/mac/umich/       /pub/mac/ [collection]     /mirror-archive/software/info-mac/         /pub/mac/ [IM]    /pub/mirrors/ [IM, UM]            /mirrors/info-mac/    /pub/info-mac/          /pub/mac/ [IM, UM]      /pub/mac/ [IM, UM]      /pub/mirror/info-mac/     /users/aladdin/public/          14        /pub/mac/ [IM, UM]              24      /pub/unsupported/mac/     /pub/tidbits/tisk/ [IM]       /pub/mac/info-mac/          /pub/mirror/mac/info-mac/      /mac/info-mac/       /pub/info-mac/ [partial]   /mac/ [UM]  /afs/
                     /pub/systems/mac/info-mac/      /pub/info-mac/      /mac/info-mac/     /pub/mac/ [collection]            /systems/mac/info-mac/       /info-mac/        /info-mac/      /mac/ [funet]     /pub/mac/bbs-in-a-box/ [AMUG]
                      /pub/mac/umich/   /mac/ [IM, UM]                  25 /pub/mac/info-mac/              DM      /info-mac/   /pub/mac/info-mac/     /mirror-archive/software/info-mac/      /info-mac/ /umich/      /pub2/mac/ [UM]          /info-mac/ /umich/   Special         see note   6     /mirrors/ [IM, UM]               W     /pub/ [IM, UM]     /Macintosh/ [IM, UM]    / (info-mac)       /pub/mac/ [collection]          DM  /pub/mac/ [collection]          /mac/general/ [IM]   /pub/mac/ [IM, UM]    /packages/info-mac/             26    /pub/info-mac/    /pub/systems/mac/ [IM, UM]       W
 Project Gutenberg    /pub/etext/gutenberg/   /systems/mac/ {See note}        27

These sites have just a few mac files:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------    /pub/mac/    /pub/mac/        /software/mac/LMontalcini/ /pub/mac/          /pub/mac/  /pub/mac/       /pub/mac/    /mac/ /aux/    /pub/                           WR      /pub/mac/    /pub/mac-unix/        /pub/mac/ (Radiance)    /software/mac/ (w/ Unix_Mac)   /pub/Micro/mac/     /Macintosh/                     DM

These sites have a lot of files, but do not get much new:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------   / (large science archive)       28  /pub/mac/    /pub/mac/          /obi/ (text files)    /pub/aux/ (A/UX)
                     /pub/mac/   /mac/sounds/     /MacSciTech/

These Mac sites no longer exist or have major problems:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------    files gone                   10/96   files gone         Mac files removed     "User anonymous unknown" site appears to be gone     12/96           Mac files gone         "Guest login not permitted"   site appears to be gone      01/97    "User anonymous unknown"   site appears to be gone       mac files gone  connection refused      Mac files gone    "User anonymous access denied"11/96 mac files gone               11/96       site appears to be gone      01/97          Mac files gone               01/97    site appears gone            01/97       Mac directory gone           11/96  mac files gone               11/96   site appears to be gone      01/97     site appears to be gone      12/96    Mac files gone               11/96       not ready for use    site appears to be gone      01/97   "Can't set guest privileges"    site appears to be gone      01/97   Machine problems       "Host is unreachable"   site being overhauled         "connection refused"   files gone       see          27     Mac files gone               01/97

World Wide Web section

Large Mac Web sites and archive sites
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------  [German Archive]                          [Mac Internet Connection]                       [Macintosh Web Directory]    [MacRelated sites in the world]            [U Texas/Microlib]            [Ultimate Mac]                      [Eastern US]                         [Western US]                               [AOL]                          [Asia]                [Australia]                  [Canada]       [Europe]                                  [Italy]                   [Singapore]                                     [Taiwan]          [Everything Macintosh]                                     [ShadowMAC]   2               [ShadowMAC archive]                [The Ultimate Apple Search]                           [The Well Connected Mac]

Apple computer Web sites (A-W)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------                    [Apple Computer's Main Web site]   9         [Apple Computer site list]                                 [Asia Apple]                     [Apple Computer Australia]                                   [New Zealand]                                     [Apple Canada]                      [Apple Computer Europe]                     [Apple UK &  Ireland]                             [Japan]                                     [Apple Russia]                                     [AppleNet]                 [MacOS Lisensing & CHRP/PPCP Info]                         [Quicktime Continuum]                                           [MAE]                      [Apple Multimedia Program]                           [Software Updates]  10                    [Publishing and New Media]                         [Apple Solutions]               [Tech Support and Infomation]  11               [ mirror]   11              [ mirror]   11

Info-Mac, UMich, and related Web sites
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------           [Info-Mac mirrors]                [MIDnet IM Search Interface]     [UMich mirrors] [NEXOR Mac catalog]                  [Arizona Mac Users Group]          [Arizona MUG BBS in a Box]      [Associated Services' Mac archive]  29                             [Jumbo: Mac, IBM, OS/2]          [Mac Internet Software]         [Mac Info Sources] [Turkey]       [Mac Support Pages]       [MacTCP Drive-Thru]             [Macintosh on the Internet]                                 [MacVersions]                 [Collection]                 [Rayzer's Macintosh Archive]                 [UNSW Mac Archive collection, au]

Mac Web sites with few specific file(s) or file types
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------                            [Ambrosia software] [Carnation Software]                   [ MacSpin]                   [ TokaMac]             [Finder, HyperCard]                                [FreePPP]             [Mac Flight Simulators]                          [Mac on the Net]        [Mac Orchard, Internet]                         [macquisition]                          [MacWare Revue; Reviews] N-E                          [Mark/Space Softworks]                              [John Neil & Associates]       [Newswatcher Index]
                                               [The Software]                                         [TidBITS]

Miscellaneous Mac Web sites
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------                                              [C|net]                 [Cult of Macintosh] N-E                                 [MacEnroe]                 [Macintosh FAQs]                  [Macintosh in Austria]                [Macintosh Shopping Directory]     [Pro Mac]                            [Ziff-Davis Interactive] N-E

Search engines
 Recommended search engines for individual files: Archie, ArchiePlex,
 C|Net shareware Search engine, C|Net downloadable file Search engine and
Cusi.  Sites that also contain lists/links 
 to search engines: Cusi and SavvySearch.  If you are unsure as to which
 search engines to use check The Guide for Searching the Internet at for more information.

Alta Vista []
Archie []
C|Net's downloads search engine []
C|Net's shareware search engine []
Cusi []
DejaNews []
Excite []
Galaxy []
InfoSeek []
Inktomi []
Lycos []
Magellan []
Open Text []
SavvySearch []
WebCrawler []
Yahoo []

List of Hypertext Archie Servers

Suggested archie servers (as of Nov 11, 1996)
Web Archie search engine:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------           Australia (regional server)         New Zealand    Austria     Canada   FUnet, Helsinki, Finland     Germany  Internic, NJ, USA       Israel    Italy       Japan    Korea     Spain     Sweden   Taiwan    Imperial College, UK      ANS archie server, USA     Rutgers University, NJ, USA   SURAnet, College Park, MD, USA       University of Nebraska, USA

Note: "If you're on the Internet, you can "telnet [site name]" and login in 
as "archie", at which point you'll get basic directions and pointers to 
other Archie machines." (TidBITS#130; Gateways 1: Internet)  Archie can be
used directly either via Anarchie or a unix shell account [type archie
<filename> at the prompt].

Notes on some of the above sites:
W.  WWW page at site.  WR: replace 'ftp' with 'www' for web page.

N.  Requires Netscape-like (graphics) browswer to use fully.
    Lynx support - E (excellent/good), M (average), P (poor/none)

1. ( /pub/mac/
    Bilkent University Preparatory School Macintosh archive. It contains
    more than 2000 files collected from well known archives and still
    getting new ones.
    All Files:     /BUPS-MacArchive/AllFiles.txt
    Recent Files:  /BUPS-MacArchive/NewFiles/
    Help:          /BUPS-MacArchive/!!README
    How to Upload: FTP - put to the directory /BUPS-MacArchive/Upload or
                   e-mail to: [email protected]
    Transfer Mode: BINARY.

2. /pub/
    This is the prince of mac shadow archives; not only does it mirror
    some 13 mac sites (amug_mac (bbs-in-a-box), apple, bio.indiana_mac,
    info-mac, mac-develop, macfaq, macpsych, onramp_mac, uiowa_newton,
    umich_mac, utexas_mac, utk_mac_math, wimsey_mac, providing its own
    archives, but also provides rtfm newsgroups FAQs and texts.
    Note at present it supports only 60 users in a class so be gentle.

3.  (  /software/mac/  /mirror/info-mac/
                                  /mirror/umich-mac/   /mirror/Oberon/MacII/
    Alias:  "Access to this FTP service is exclusively
    allowed for - Swiss universities, schools & organisations with a SWITCH
    service contract, - foreign education & research organisations.  If you
    do not belong to one of these categories, you are NOT allowed to log in
    as 'anonymous' or 'ftp'.  With one of the special user-ids, like
    'public', a restricted access is open to everyone." (FTP login message).

4.  ( /pub/mac/
    Alias:  This is an Mac freeware and shareware
    archive operated by Chris Johnson on one or more systems run by the
    Univeristy of Texas System Office of Telcommunication Services.
    It also has SLIPtelnet in the /pub/slip/mac/ncsa directory.

5.  (  /News/comp.binaries.mac/
    They keep archives of the postings to the comp.binaries.mac newsgroup.  
    The files all stored in one huge directory, so instead of doing an 'ls', 
    get the index file to look at offline. 
    All Files:     /News/comp.binaries.mac/index
    How to Upload: Post to the comp.binaries.mac USENET group.
    Transfer Mode: ASCII.

6.  (  /mac/
    This big site has a large number of files, many of them unique.  There 
    are many outline fonts here {Adobe type 1, type 3, and TrueType}.  About 
    the only gripe I have is the tremendous number of subdirectories, e.g.
    /mac/system.extensions/font/truetype...  but that's a small price to pay
    for the work they have put into this site. is a special pointer that will randomly connect
    you to one of the mirrors.
    All Files:     /mac/00help/index.txt
    Recent Files:  /mac/00help/newfiles.txt
    In Queue:      Look in the /mac/incoming directory.
    Help:          /mac/00help
    How to Upload: ftp - put files in the /mac/incoming/ directory or
                   e-mail to [email protected]
                   {e-mail results in crossposting to other archives}
    Transfer Mode: ASCII for .hqx files, BINARY for everything else.
    Gopher:        gopher://

7. /micros/mac/
    Has an awkward way naming their directories with letters of the alphabet
    and numbers, so one has to get the index files in the directories first 
    to see what they have. (Wojtek Rypniewski [email protected])

8.  (  /info-mac/
    Site's name is 'Info-Mac' _not_ 'sumex'. "We ask that you use our 
    mirrors INSTEAD of our server, because the load there now makes it 
    difficult for us to manage the archive!"  (Info-Mac mirror Web page)  
    The king of macintosh ftp sites.  If you want your uploads to get a wide 
    distribution, this is the place to send them to. They also have their 
    own message "list", the info-mac digests which is handy for those who 
    don't have USENET access.
    Note: sumex-aim has effectively become a _mirrors only_ site, so use one
    of its mirrors {/info-mac/ directory or [IM]}.
    All Files:     /info-mac/help/all-files.txt
    Recent Files:  /info-mac/help/recent-files.txt
    Mirror Sites:  /info-mac/help/mirror-list.txt
    Help:          Look in the /info-mac/help directory, read them all.
    How to Upload: email files to [email protected]
                   or [email protected]
                   Files >800 K - e-mail file description to
                   [email protected] and send file in .hqx
                   format to ftp://macgifts:[email protected]/

9.  (  /dts/
    This was Apple's original ftp site to supply the world with System
    software up to 7.0.1, utilities, technical notes, sample source code,
    press release archives, and some developer tools.  Support has fallen 
    off in favor of sites like  Callers outside 
    America are restricted to what they can download.
    Help:          /help, or mail [email protected]

10. ( /Apple.Support.Area/Apple.SW.Updates/
    This is one of Apples' "seeding" sites.  Most of the software is in the
    /Apple.Support.Area/Apple.SW.Updates directory.  As with
    callers outside America are restricted as to what they can download.
    WWW: [mirror]

11.  ( /pub/apple_sw_updates/
    This is one of main Apples' support sites and has largely filled
    the role of  I assume that as is the case with callers outside America are restricted as to what
    they can download.
    WWW: [mirror]
    WWW: [mirror]

12. ( /mac/
    "The Mathematics Archives ( is a comprehensive
    site for mathematical resources on the Internet.  It is accessible
    using anonymous ftp, gopher, or a web browser.  In addition to a large 
    collection of mathematical software, an extensive collection of WWW and
    gopher links to other mathematical resources on the Internet is
    maintained." ([email protected] [Earl D. Fife])
    Gopher:        gopher://

13.  ( /pub/
    The headquarters of John Norstad's excellent anti-virus program, 
    Disinfectant {/pub/disinfectant}.  Other interesting /pub directories
    are: /pub/newswatcher; /pub/nupop; and /pub/ph.

14.  ( /pub/
    Aladdin Systems' formal anonymous ftp site.  In addition to Aladdin's
    Mac software there are PC decoders for StuffIt files - SITEX10.EXE (win)
    and unsitins.exe (dos) (See format table for mare details). 

15.  (  /microlib/mac/
    Alias:  University of Texas at Austin 
    Computation Center's Macintosh software archive, and headquarters of 
    Chris Johnson's anti-virus utility Gatekeeper.  Has an editorial policy 
    on what programs it accepts.
    All Files:     /microlib/mac/file-list.txt
    Recent Files:  Get the file called "Update-[date]" in /microlib/mac.
    How to Upload: email to [email protected]
                   {also results in cross-posting to other archives.}

16.  (  /pub/Cabri, /pub1/macintosh/
    Home of the CABRI (graph, geometry) software.  Also contains
    some comp.binaries.mac files in MacBinary format.
    Transfer Mode: BINARY.

17. ( /pub/
    The Well Connected Mac archive contains almost all freely distributable
    software mentioned in the FAQ lists for comp.sys.mac.misc,
    comp.sys.mac.system and comp.sys.mac.apps.

18.  (  /Mac/
    NCSA keeps Telnet, ContigAsm, Contour, DataScope, GelReader,
    HypercardAnimator, NCSA Image, Import2HDF, Layout, and PalEdit here. 
    Transfer Mode: ASCII.

19.  (  /pub/mac/
    Contains some programs by Paul DuBois, and a few other utilities:  
    BlobMgr, FaceLift, Grep, TransSkel, ZoomIdle, MakeWrite, SicnEdit,
    gnome, and psuedo-fpu. 
    Transfer Mode: ASCII.

20.  (  /languages/abc/
    You can find a mac version of the ABC programming language here, and 
    a mac version of STDWIN as /amiga-sources/stdwin/mac.tar.Z. UUNet also
    archives huge amounts of other material, like USENET news, GNU stuff, 
    bsd sources, internet specs, popular unix packages, and bug fixes. 
    All Files:     /index/master.Z, /index/master-time.Z
    Recent Files:  /index/changes.week.Z, /index/
    In Queue:      /index/incoming.Z
    Help:          /help, /index/README
    How to Upload: /tmp
    Transfer Mode: BINARY.

21.  (  /mac/think-c/
    Home of the Think C mailing list. You'll find a bunch of Think Class
    Library stuff here, along with general Think C code, interfaces, and
    updaters.  Read all the README files in /mac/think-c for more info 
    (and how to get on the mailing list). 
    Transfer Mode: Use ASCII.

22.  (  /mac/
    Home of Webster Multiport Gateway tools, and other mac networking 
    goodies, like Columbia Appletalk Package, Timelord, & Messages. 
    Transfer Mode: BINARY.

23.  (  /entrez/
    The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) developed and
    supports a public domain program named Entrez (pronounced "ON-tray") for
    browsing a comprehensive set of DNA and protein sequence databases and a
    subset of the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE bibliographic
    database.  NetEntrez {freely available program available here} can be 
    used to access the Entrez network service provided by the NCBI.  
    NetEntrez has no access charges and does not use a CD-ROM drive.  For 
    users without Internet connectivity, ordering information for Entrez 
    CD-ROM subscriptions is posted there, too.
    ([email protected] (Warren Gish))
    BLAST {molecular biology searcher} can be found in the
    blast/network/experimental/macintosh directory.
    Help:          Contact [email protected]

24.  ( /pub/mac/
    In addition to mirroring both Info-mac {/pub/mac/info-mac} and Umich
    {/pub/mac/mirror-umich} this Sweden archive has large amounts of DOS,
    Windows, and UNIX files.
    Info:          'arkiv-underh' in the root directory {in Swedish,
                    I think}
    TRANSFER MODE: ASCII for .hqx files, BINARY for everything else.

25.  (   /mac/
    The Iowa Student Computing Association filesystem.  In addition to FTP 
    it also has telnet downloading interface (Zmodem, NetZmodem, Kermit, 
    Xmodem, FTP) with search, new_files, and batch downloading, login as 
   'iscabbs'.  ISCA also has one of the largest Internet BBS's at, they support over 200 users online at once.
    Coming soon: PANDA, the information arcade message system.
    Transfer Mode: BINARY.

26.  (  /packages/info-mac/
    A London based Info-Mac & umich {packages/mac/umich} shadow.
    .gz site with on-the-fly translation {see CAUTION note above}
    Limit: 300 simultaneous users.
    Help:          mail [email protected] to contact the maintainers.
    Transfer Mode: ASCII for .hqx files, BINARY for everything else.

27.  (  /systems/mac/
    This is the de-facto king of shadow archives; it mirrors three mac 
    sites: Info-Mac {/systems/mac/info-mac/},
    {/systems/mac/}, and the now defunct Simtel site
    {/systems/mac/macintosh/}.  Also shadows several non-Mac archives.
    Limit: 225/250 simultaneous users.
    Note: login to this site can become difficult when macgifts gets new
    Transfer Mode: ASCII for .hqx files, BINARY for everything else.

28.  (  /{see below}
    All sorts of scientific applications, in /biology/mac/, /chemistry/mac/, 
    /science/mac, and /molbio/mac/. 
    Help:          /archive.doc
    How to Upload: /incoming
    Gopher:        gopher://

29. Associate Systems -
    AMUG mirror that also has a huge collection of Christian files and 
    carries the CyberChurch Christian network online.  As far as I can
    tell http is the only type of access allowed.