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Mac OS X Server

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Basically the first production release of the "Rhapsody" project, which is the PowerPC port of OPENSTEP designed to run on the Macintosh. The OS X Server operating system does not use the aqua appearance of the later released OS X, nor is it compatible with later OS X software.

Release history

Version Code name Date OS name
Mac OS X Server 1.0 Hera1O9 March 16, 1999 Rhapsody 5.3
Mac OS X Server 1.0.1 Hera1O9 April 15, 1999 Rhapsody 5.4
Mac OS X Server 1.0.2 Hera1O9+Loki2G1 July 29, 1999 Rhapsody 5.5
Mac OS X Server 1.2 Pele1Q10 January 14, 2000 Rhapsody 5.6
Mac OS X Server 1.2 v3 Medusa1E3 October 27, 2000 Rhapsody 5.6