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Macintosh LC 520

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This model is the first of the LC series to be an all-in-one design and the first to include an internal CD-ROM drive. The LC 520 shipped with a Motorola 68030 clocked at 25MHz.

The Macintosh LC 520 computer is an integrated Macintosh computer with a built-in color display. It is a larger version of the Macintosh Color Classic with many of the performance features of the Macintosh LC III.

General Information[edit]


Motorola MC68030 microprocessor running at 25 MHz


Installed RAM capacity of 4 MB, expandable to 36 MB. 1 MB ROM in sockets; optional expansion to 2 MB.


114-pin processor-direct slot (PDS) for hardware expansion (like the PDS on the Macintosh LC III, and compatible with the 96-pin PDS on the Macintosh Color Classic and the Macintosh LC II).


The Macintosh LC 520 computer has a built-in color display with a 14-inch Trinitron monitor. Like the video interface in the Macintosh Color Classic, the video interface in the Macintosh LC 520 computer uses separate VRAM for the screen buffer. The Macintosh LC 520 does not have an external video connector.


  • A number of capacitors will need to be replaced on the logic board for this system to function correctly.
  • You can exchange the chassis harness assembly of the LC 520 or LC 550 with the newer chassis harness assembly of the LC 575. The newer chassis harness assembly requires the manual-inject floppy drive and caddyless CD ROM drive.




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