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* [[Macintosh PowerBook 145 Developer Note]]
* [[Macintosh PowerBook 145 Developer Note]]
* [[Macintosh PowerBook 145B Developer Note]]
=See Also=
=See Also=

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The Macintosh PowerBook 145 computer is an enhanced version of the Macintosh PowerBook 140 computer. The Macintosh PowerBook 145 features a Motorola 68030 microprocessor running at 25 MHz, providing performance similar to that of the Macintosh PowerBook 170 at a substantially lower price.

General Information

Released in August of 1992, the PowerBook 145 was a "speed bumped" Macintosh PowerBook 140. It sold for $2,150 and was replaced in June 1993 by the 145B, which was exactly the same machine except with a lower price and 2 MB more RAM soldered to the motherboard. The 145B was discontinued in July 1994.

Codename: Colt45. Originally shipped with system software 7.0.1.


Powered by the Motorola 68030 processor at 25MHz without an integrated FPU.


2MB directly onboard and expansion modules up to 6MB available, giving a total possible capacity of 8MB RAM.


Film SuperTwist Nematic (FSTN) LCD, 640 x 400 pixels, with adjustable backlighting.


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