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Welcome to the Higher Intellect Wiki! The purpose of this site is to allow users to contribute their own written work, showcase documentation about the Internet of yesterday, provide information regarding digital libraries and more. Please see the available primary article categories below for an idea of what you'll find in our wiki. If you have any questions or comments, please contact admin[at]

Popular Sections


Silicon Graphics

Specs, guides, documentation and general information about SGI computers and the IRIX operating system.


Hotline Communications

Everything we could find about the Hotline protocol which was most popular in the late 1990s.


Apple Computer

Covers Apple/Macintosh systems and related topics from the 1990s and earlier.


General Computing

Covers all computing topics with a focus on vintage computing from the 1990s and earlier.



Articles and information about NeXT Computer hardware and the NeXTStep/OpenStep software.


Sun Microsystems

Covers hardware/software from Sun Microsystems, mostly SPARC era or earlier.



Various articles about 1990s and earlier Internet.

Areas Of Interest

  • Category:User created articles
    Collection of articles submitted by users of the Higher Intellect wiki. Any original content submitted should be tagged under this category. Original materials tagged under this category retain original ownership and cannot be duplicated without consent.
  • Category:People
    Biography pages for people playing an important role in the preservation of knowledge and distribution of content on the Internet.
  • Category:Essays
    Use this category to find user submitted essays. This category will include both user created submissions as well as content from other authors.
  • Category:Hotline
    For all pages related to the Hotline Client/Server/Tracker software originally created by Hotline Communications.
  • Category:Carracho
    For all pages related to the Carracho Client/Server/Tracker software for Macintosh.
  • Category:KDX
    For all pages related to the KDX Client/Server/Tracker software originally created by Haxial.
  • Category:SGI
    For manuals and various information about SGI (Silicon Graphics) hardware and software.
  • Category:Computing
    This category will contain all computing related articles including those matching other specific categories.
  • Category:Misc
    This is for misc wiki articles which don't necessarily fall into one of the previous categories.

What To Expect

The goal of the Higher Intellect wiki is to allow for user contributed materials to be published online and allowing for the original author to make changes as required. Certain materials may also qualify for inclusion into the main Higher Intellect archive at the request and permission of the original author. New pages must follow wiki formatting and linking rules as seen in the Mediawiki manual for Wikitext and Advanced editing.

Terms Of Use

  • Submitted pages must not contain any obscene content.
  • Articles which are not the original work of the submitter must reference the original content location.
  • Vandalism/unauthorized page modification will result in a ban from this site.

Acceptable Use

  • Publishing works for multi-user collaboration
  • Uploading public domain content
  • Linking to other articles offsite