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3D graphics software originally developed by Alias|Wavefront, now under Autodesk.


OpenGL issues with V6 on SGI

I had a similar issue with my MXE runing at 1920x1080. From what I understand (not really), you need 12,12,12,12 (RGBA) to have the nice looking graphics. You can see what your capable of if you run the "glxinfo -t" command. Seems the higher you have your resolution set, the worse off you are. One workaround seems to be to set this in your shell:


This does something like uses 8 bit color or something like that.

The Odyssey graphics cards can be set up such that they may not provide a RGBA double buffered with depth buffer visual. This is usually the case when the Display settings are incorrect, for example, 8-bit frame depth, or not enough memory on the card to support the higher resolutions.""

It seems that an 8-bit frame depth is an incorrect setting, but I've been unable to run the V6 in a more then 8-bit frame depth. There is an 16-bit option but at every possible reolution the xsetmon says it's an illegal option. More memory is not a workaround due there is not possible to put more then the 32 MB memoru the card has.

The Shaded display may appear incorrect as there is no depth buffer. All the surfaces are displayed in the order they are drawn.

Set up the display parameters (setmon/xsetmon) so that there is an RGBA 8888 double buffered 24-depth visual as shown by glxinfo. Set frame depth to 16 to get more visual choices.""

No idea how to do that, I've been unable to put more then 8-bit depth in the display

It is also possible to configure Maya by using environment variables to change the default parameters used to ask for the visual.

setenv MAYA_ODYSSEY_8888 no

The values used don't matter, just the fact that they are set to something. Use unsetenv to undo the effects of these variables.

I believe maya stores some information about the framebuffer in /usr/aw/userconfig/, which I believe could mess things up. I got some weirdness too when I upgraded my SI octane to SE+TRAM, and only after a complete reinstall did maya work as expected. However I believe it could be fixed by either removing that directory (or the .imsomething files) and letting maya recreate them (if it indeed does) or reinstall maya afterwards.