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MicroNet Technology

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MicroNet Technology, Inc., was founded in 1988 in the emerging Apple marketplace. Once merely one company among many choices, MicroNet has enjoyed continuous profitable expansion year after year. MicroNet currently offers a complete data storage product line with a full range of options. Although the Macintosh platform is where MicroNet started, Windows, NetWare, Windows NT and UNIX now represent a significant percentage of MicroNet's overall sales.

While many of its competitors have abandoned the Macintosh platform, MicroNet has maintained its leadership role and expanded offerings for Macintosh, Power Macintosh and Macintosh clones. MicroNet also prides itself on being a global company with offices in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. MicroNet sells its products nationally and worldwide through a network of dealers, VAR's and distributors.

MicroNet Technology is the worldwide leader in high-performance data storage solutions for PC, Macintosh and UNIX-based computers. Systems offered include the award-winning family of DataDock products including the DataDock 7000 fault-tolerant RAID solution, high-performance disk arrays, hard disk drives, CD recorders, rewritable optical drives, Photo CD compatible CD-ROM readers, removable cartridge drives, DAT, AIT and DLT backup systems. MicroNet enjoys a significant market share position in the digital imaging market as well as in the increasingly popular non-linear digital video market.

MicroNet was the first company to implement a disk array for the Macintosh. This innovative product, known as MicroNet's "Raven" Series, has received numerous awards including two MacUser Eddy Awards in 1996 and 1997. Since then, MicroNet's flagship DataDock product family has received accolades from several industry acclaimed publications.

The DataDock family of products is aimed at Pre-press/Publishing and Digital Audio/Video storage. The DataDock family of transportable drive systems consists of high performance disk arrays, hard drives, DAT, AIT, optical, CD recorders and CD-ROM devices. DataDock's award-winning technology is ideally suited for use in Digital Imaging where workflow and ROI go hand-in-hand, as well as in the emerging Digital market, where rapidly moving gigabytes of storage is commonplace. DataDock modules are completely interchangeable between DOS, MacOS and UNIX operating systems.

The award-winning DataDock 7000 data storage solution provides dramatically-improved performance, scalability and reliability for mission-critical server applications such as video, OPI, File and the Internet/Intranet. DataDock 7000 offers RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5 and 0+1, with transfer rates up to 40 MB/sec. Optimized configurations and multiple RAID levels ensure the highest performance and fault-tolerance in the most demanding applications. DataDock 7000's redundant components enhance DataDock 7000's reliability to preserve data integrity. This increased data security allows DataDock 7000 to provide nonstop operation even in the event of a component failure. DataDock 7000 provides unmatched flexibility by utilizing hot-swappable modules including hard drives, DAT, AIT, magneto optical and Jaz. Each seven-drive enclosure can handle up to 54 GB of data storage plus a global hot-spare drive.

MicroNet's Advantage and Premier Series include hard drives ranging from 1 GB to 23 GB, rewritable optical drives, CD-R, DAT, AIT, DLT, DLT Autoloaders and CD-ROM. Every device in the Advantage and Premier Series is dual platform. That is, the same product will be fully compatible with either a DOS/Windows or Macintosh computer.

Corporate Information

MicroNet Technology, Inc.
80 Technology
Irvine, California 92618
(714) 453-6100
(714) 453-6101 fax

Ralph Gabai, President and CEO
Gordon Moss, Vice President, Finance and CFO
Bill Long, Chief Technology Officer
Richard Corrington, Vice President, Engineering
Alex Grossman, Vice President, Strategic/OEM Relationships
Yossi Sevy, Vice President, Planning
Duane Terry, Vice President, Operations
Giovanni Paliska, Vice President, Sales
Barry Wong, Director, Sales
Meryl Cook, Director, Marketing