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Microsoft, CA develop NT directory, Backup Management (1997)

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New York (February 24, 1997) -- The Cheyenne division of Computer Associates International Inc. announced it will work with Microsoft Corp. to create a version of its DS Standard program for the Windows NT directory service, Active Directory.

DS Standard for Windows NT, like other versions of the product, will offer off-line management, modeling, and disaster recovery capabilities. It is expected to be available when Active Directory for NT 5.0 ships in the second half of the year, Cheyenne officials said.

The NT version of the product will also be compatible with DS Standard for NDS (NetWare Directory Services), allowing for transparent management across sites that utilize both Windows NT and NetWare directory services, officials said.

The new version of DS Standard will let network managers model and make mass changes to Windows NT Server directory environments. The NDS and Windows NT Active Directory versions of DS Standard can be integrated to enable multi- or meta-directory management, officials said.

The announcement coincides with the February release of Cheyenne Disaster Recovery, which was also developed through a technology agreement between CA and Microsoft. The product is a bootable-disk disaster recovery program that lets users restore a downed server without having to manually reinstall the operating system.

Cheyenne Disaster Recovery is available now, priced at $395, for Intel x86 platforms. Cheyenne is also offering a free promotional edition of Cheyenne Disaster Recovery free to its current ARCserve customers through March 31, 1997. This version can be downloaded from Cheyenne at