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Microsoft Fury3

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Who says you have to save the world? In Fury3, you have to save eight of them, from the sweltering heat of a tropical world to a toxic chemical wasteland, you'll find plenty of places to vent. And with targets above, below, and on each planet's surface, you'll see why it's fury--to the third power.

Take a shot at the great wide open. Whether it's a red planet or a moon, you'll be gasping for breath as you break the speed of sound -- battling enemy fighters above an alien world.

Cruise in complete control with six degrees of freedom. You've just broken through the cloud cover and you're driving at a frightning pace. Six degrees of freedom means you can move any direction. So you can attack key enemy installations with confidence and control.

Crash through corridors of the underworld. Use shields and weapons -- whatever it takes -- to maneuver through a labyrinth of tight spots. Stereo sound echoes through this underworld, where a wrong turn could lead to disaster -- or strange surprises!

Have an out-of-body experience! Just give the command and get an instant view of your location, your objectives, and hidden tunnels under the planet surface.

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