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Motorola StarMax 3000

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The StarMax 3000 is an official Macintosh clone under the Motorola brand. It appears to be quite similar to the Power Macintosh 4400 hardware.

General Information

The minimum operating system appears to be version 7.5.3 with a custom enabler.


The StarMax 3000 series uses the PowerPC 603e processor.


  • 168-pin 60ns EDO 2K refresh 3.3V DIMM


The StarMax uses onboard ATI video with a VGA port. The video memory is expandable via 120-pin SGRAM slot, or simply add a Macintosh compatible PCI video card.


  • The system may not power on if the internal battery is dead. If the PSU seems dead, try replacing the internal battery first.
  • If you're using a PCI Ethernet card, you must place the card in the slot closest to the CPU as otherwise you may encounter problems with it.


Power on system when internal battery is dead and front power button does nothing

If the system has been without AC power and the internal 4.5V alkaline battery pack is dead, the system will more than likely not turn on or show any signs of life when attempting to power on. You can get around this by keeping AC power applied, removing the computer lid, pushing the reset button on the board next to the logic board power connectors, and pushing the front power button again. It should power on, otherwise the PSU may be faulty.


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