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NCR Safari 3180

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The NCR Safari 3180 was released in mid-late 1993 and was a intel 80486 based laptop computer manufactured for National Cash Register by Nippon Electric Company NEC. It may also have been marketed as the AT&T Safari 3180 as AT&T Bought out NCR in 1991. NEC made the higher end Safari product lines for NCR/AT&T, while Samsung handled the lower end.

Technical Details[edit]

The NCR Safari 3180 is basically a re-badged and color-altered NEC_Ultralite_Versa 33MHz notebook computer. It differs from the Ultralite Versa in that it was only offered in 33MHz (no 20MHz or 25MHz versions were made), and had slightly different cosmetics in that the screen bezel and keyboard bezels were a lighter shade of gray, the power and standby buttons were surf green turquoise color, as was the secondary function key lettering on the keyboard.

Specifications Were...

  • Rebranded NEC Power Supply and 3400 mAH NiMH Battery
  • Intel 486 DX SL 33MHz CPU
  • 4MB of RAM On Board, expandable to 8/12/16/20 MB via RAM Cards
  • 1.44MB Removable Floppy Drive that could offer space for a second battery
  • 80MB/124MB/250MB 44 pin IDE 2.5" HDD in a user-upgradable "pack"
  • C&T or WD 90C024 1MB SVGA Graphics and LCD Controller
  • Available in DTSN monochrome or Active Matrix Color 9.4" LCD Screens (user upgradable)
  • Internal Speaker Sound
  • 2x PCMCIA Type II 16-bit Expansion Slots, Cirrus chipset
  • Compatible with all NEC Versa upgrades, accessories, and peripherals

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