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NEC Versa 2000C

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The NEC Versa 2000C was one of the two last intel 80486 based notebooks offered by NEC Technologies. The other was the NEC Versa 2000D. The difference between the 2000C and 2000D were memory capacities and screen technologies.


The NEC Versa 2000C was intended as a mid-level model of the 2000 series, the other, the 2000D, was a lower-end model with a bigger screen using a more antequated (DTSN) Technology. These were among the last of the i486 based laptops NEC ever made.

  • Intel 486 DX4-75MHz CPU
  • 8MB of on-Board RAM expandable to 40MB via proprietary memory cards
  • 1.44MB non-removable Floppy Drive
  • 44pin 2.5" IDE 350, 540, or 720MB HDD
  • 2x PCMCIA Type-II Expansion Slots
  • 14.4K Internal Fax Modem
  • 9.4' 640x480 Active Matrix TFT LCD
  • 1MB SVGA Chipset Video + LCD Controller On-Board
  • Lithium Ion Battery, 2700mAH
  • Came Pre-Loaded with one of two Operating System options offered simultaneously per the user-manual: Windows 95 or MS-DOS 6.22/Windows 3.11.

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